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5 Eco Friendly Mobile Apps Which Will Help You Live Green

When it comes to helping out the environment, it’s the responsibility of each one of us to take part. We all have a significant part to play in lowering our carbon footprint, limiting the pollution we put into the air, and mitigating the worst effects of climate change. However, you might be curious about just how you can do that. Well, thanks to the rise of the smartphone and the app store, there are tons of applications that you can select from that will help you live green! Plus, they’re super easy to use and very user-friendly, so you won’t have any trouble hopping on board and getting started. Continue reading below to discover more about these top apps that you’ve got to check out.

List of Eco friendly mobile apps

Carma Carpooling

First up, we have an app that’s taking advantage of the sharing economy. More and more people are trying to cut down on their vehicle costs and saving that pollution that would go up into the atmosphere. However, public transportation or bikes are sometimes not a possibility. When this happens, you can pull up Carma Carpooling, which will allow you to see what other drivers are around who need people to carpool in their car. You will be able to pay the driver for the ride and split it with the other people in the car.


This is a handy app that will give you some various ideas for how you can help out with the environment. You can create your profile and share with your network what you care about and share how they can help, as well! This is a pretty simple one but will go a long way in sharing ideas for how we can each mitigate the effects of climate change.


Next up, we’re going to talk about saving water, another crucial aspect of living a sustainable life. Dropcountr allows you to conserve water by directly connecting you with your utility company to your smartphone. You will be able to get direct messages from your water company telling you everything from how much water you are using if there are any leakages, and any drought notifications you should be aware of. You’ll be able to set your water budget to control just how much water you use on a daily or weekly basis. This app is going to seriously help you save the water that you use, which is super crucial to the overall health of the environment. After you download this app, you can look into buying an electric car that’s powered by electric vehicle batteries to help the environment even more.


Ecoviate is a new social network, completely based on acting sustainably and living a green life. This app consists of a newsfeed, just like Facebook, that gives you an idea of what eco-friendly activities are in your area and what other people in your network are doing to live sustainably. You will be able to get various points for the activities that you do and compete with your friends for rewards and bragging rights. This is an amazing app because it makes a living a sustainable life more fun and rewarding than just a chore that you’ve got to do.


Next up, we’re going to talk a bit more about the food that we eat. Did you know that the food at the grocery store expands so much carbon dioxide and uses so much water before it gets to your dinner plate? Think about the time it takes to ship fruits and veggies across the country and how much pollution is put into the air. Imagine how much water it takes to grow millions of veggies to stock supermarkets across the country. Well, Farmstand is an app that will let you connect with local farmers all across the country to buy your produce right from your local community. You will be able to find the closest market, buy your product, and bask in the fact that you just helped save so much energy and pollution.

Each of these apps is going to seriously help you conserve energy and contribute to mitigating climate change. It’s up to all of us to take individual actions to push back against climate change and keep our environment safe and sound. What will you do for the cause?