How To Fix Vibration On Incoming Calls On iPhone

Update - 2018.08.14

Fix Vibration On Incoming Calls On iPhone – Seems like the iOS beta for developers, the Public Beta to doesn’t seem to be providing a lot comfort to the public beta testers who were trying their hands on the latest iOS version in advance. Many of you and my friend of iPhone 6 users have reported that after updating to iOS, their device does not vibrate on incoming calls. They add that the iPhone screen does flash without delay, but the vibration does not work—as if it were completely turned off. Today we are here with a trick How to fix vibration on incoming calls on iPhone.

Yes, this is possible in this way that I’ve been discussed in the below article How to Fix Vibration On Incoming Calls On iPhone by just following the below steps.

Steps To Fix Vibration On Incoming Calls On iPhone

Step 1. First of all, go to  Settings Sounds > Turn off “Vibrate on Silent and Vibrate on Ring” and disable Lock sound.

Step 2. Now go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings.

Step 3. Now you need to switch off your device. Hold on the sleep button and then slide to power off.

Step 4. Now, you need to turn on Vibrate on Ring and Vibrate on Silent. 

Step 5. Now reboot your device by holding the Home button and sleep button at once.

Step 6. That’s it! Now turn on your device and tell your friends to your call on your system. When you receive the call, your device should vibrate. ?

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