Google Adsense Banned -You Have To Avoid

For those who’re starting your blog or when you have one, you may have thought or you’re considering of putting advertising as a method to monetize your visitors.

Google Adsense is the most used by most bloggers option is simple to use and implement on your website or blog, free , a number of the ads that you receive are from the large network of google and have lots of statistics and reports to optimize the most of your website.

However one of many problems that many are started whenever you start Google Adsense is their ignorance of the rules or suggestions to follow to need to optimize the RPM or revenue per thousand impressions ( definition ), maximize our income and especially Google Adsense prevent us close our account.

Google Adsense banned

The very first thing we have to know, and under no circumstances break, are the actions that Google Adsense prohibited and will result in the closure of your account. All of them are related to the impressions and clicks invalid.

  • Never  click on your own ads (in case you are thinking about what’s touted, use a search engine or enter the advertiser’s website, don’t use the banner), Google Adsense is taken very seriously the difficulty of false clicks. You can’t use methods to artificially increase the number of impressions or clicks.
  •  Don’t ask your users who click on your ads , nor put in areas that may mislead, confused with the content of the web or are placed for involuntary clicks. Avoid phrases like support us, click on advertising or visit these links.
  • Do not use content prohibited by Google on your web site, resembling adult content, hacking or violence. These are simply some of the subjects banned by Google Adsense. If you wish to know all the issues which are forbidden, you are able to do it in the following link . This regulation also applies to counterfeit goods or any materials protected by copyright.

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What to avoid Google Adsense

Here you’ll be able to see a series of “common practice” that happen in various media for placement of banner advertisements, which Google Adsense asks us to avoid and within the case of failing we will be penalized with a RPM lower, making our advertising have a lot decrease performance than it should.

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  • Experiment with the format and location of ad units to decide on what best features as your web design or your readers, however at all times avoiding using pop-ups (pop), placement on pages with out content, pages only created to show adverts
  • Don’t put more than 5 advertising area in your website or blog. Google Adsense penalizes RPM if you improve the number of ads or banners more than 5.
    The user experience must come first whenever you enter the Google Adsense advertising. intelligently distributes the areas so that they get a great view, non-intrusive and this may make
  • your visitors or users to have a better view advertising. Do not forget that the banners are made ​​for clicks, so they’re the better placed, extra CRT (Click-through rate or percentage of clicks with regard to impressions) and it will end in increased efficiency of promoting that may increase RPM and therefore your income.
  • Don’t ship emails or email marketing with Google Adsense advertisements . If you have a big database or habitually perform large shipments of email, I can see you tempted to have interaction in such practices to extend the variety of impressions, however Google doesn’t enable it so don’t use it or to show.
  • Nothing to change or edit the code that Google Adsense gives you. When you have computer skills, even when they aren’t advanced, you must play and modify various tools, codes, and different plugins to attempt to optimize our website, make it sooner or just suit our tastes or needs. Google Adsense allows some small change ( right here you’ll be able to consult them), but when your abilities aren’t advanced, it’s best to avoid any modification of code that Google gives you time to set your ad units.

Remember that advertising serves to sell, so the higher put in your web space , they are going to be more efficient for advertisers, so you’ll pay more for these spaces and your earnings will increase.

An if that guides the user and advertising experience, capable of optimize your space and keep away from increasing like crazy without considering or your advertising inventory.

Then you’ve got available a seminar Adsense Policy (57 minutes Video) in case you wish to dig deeper into the subject.


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