Hide disk drive windows 8.1 using Cmd

Hide disk drive windows 8.1 using Cmd

Hide disk drive windows 8.1– That is very useful windows cmd trick. As you understand cmd is a powerful command-line interpreter for Windows operating systems environment which is able to doing many tasks with ease without using 3rd party software. There are a huge amount of cmd methods out there on the internet nowadays.

Note. The trick works on windows 7 and windows 8 also.

Hiding local drive partition’s using cmd♦

As you know nowadays the Privacy is the key concern for every particular person. It comes first.the re are many ways to guard privacy in windows. There are many third party software’s available to protect our privacy from unauthorized users

Nobody needs the headache of installation of 3rd party software’s. A lot of this software comprises dozens and virus which can leak your privacy details and far more. So I don’t compromise with these software’s. Microsoft Windows provide the many hidden features with its powerful command prompt (cmd). Today I’m going to discuss one of many hidden features of windows. Through the use of this trick, you’ll be able to cover a complete partition(drive) of windows with easy steps.

Steps to Hide disk drive windows 8 using Cmd⇓

just follow the easy step-by-step procedure given below–>

Step 1. First of all open cmd window simply go to search and type cmd

Step 2. Now in cmd type diskpart, now windows asking you the permission, just allow it for open it.hide volume cmd (7)

Or You may directly use the diskpart command by just pressing windows + R key and In Run window type diskpart and hit the enter Button.

hide volume cmd (8)

Step 3. Now a new command shell will open, So just sort the list volume and hit the enter.

hide volume cmd (2)

Step 4. On this Step use command  select volume G  (here G is the volume you need to hide)

♦ Now the message is displayed on-screen “volume 3 is the selected volumehide volume cmd (4)

Step 5. Now use command remove letter G and press enter |hide volume cmd (3)


That is all, now your G drive is hidden

Step 6. Now go to my computer and check it.

hide volume cmd (1)

In Case If You want to unhide the drive use below step⇓

To unhide the drive use the following commands⇓

  1. diskpart
  2. list volumes
  3. select volume 3 
  4. assign letter G

hide volume cmd (5)

  • Now go to my computer (win+E) and you can see that your drive is successfully unhidden.

So mates that are how we hide disk drive windows 8 using Cmd. when you’ve got any problems regarding this trick, comment within the comment section
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