How to force quit apps on watchOS 3

watchOS 3 watchOS 3

watchOS 3 is the much-needed shot in the arm for Apple Watch. With seven times faster speed, apps run a lot smoothly on the Watch. That’s simply the reality relating to technology, and the re’s no ifs, ands, or buts about it. iOS, Windows Phone, Android and smaller-scale contenders, like Apple’s watchOS or Samsung’s Tizen-based wearable platform. However, every respective mobile operating system has its personal, unique method of countering these types of issues — such as apps that freeze upon us, for instance — stipulating the occasional want to only “cut the cords,” so to speak. In the tech world, we usually suggest to this direct ship leaving as ‘force closing’ an app and the action is typically carried out whenever you face to face with that spinning wheel of death, or when the app simply freezes up.

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However, if any app suddenly will get stuck or stops responding at all. You can rapidly fix it by force quitting the app. WatchOS 3 is the process of force quitting an app has slightly been changed. Although the watchOS 3 has allowed the apps to work quicker on the Apple Watch, the apps can quiet become stuck, or they stop responding. If this happens to you, then follow these steps!

Step to force quit apps on watchOS 3

Step 1. First of all, Open the app you want to force quit.

Step 2. Press and hold the Dock button till you see the shutdown screen.

Step 3.  Once the shutdown screen appears, only release the side button, Press the Digital Crown and the active app will force quit.

Step 4. That’s it! Now, you’re done.

If the app is still stuck, you have to reboot your Watch. Simply hold down the side button till the shutdown option shows up on the screen. Tap on Power Off to restart the Watch.Although the watchOS 3 has got a lot of positive response from users, some Apple Watch apps can still grow to find or refuse to reply correctly. That’s why you must to know how to force quit apps on Apple Watch.

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