How to Add Music to Facebook Profile

How to Add Music to Facebook Profile

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How to Add Music to Facebook Profile – Guide

If versatility were the only yardstick used to judge a social media app, Facebook would become a big winner by decimating all other rivals out there. Whether you want to watch fun short clips, play instant games, find a nice person to date, market your wares, or even listen to your favorite music, Facebook can do it all. Speaking of music, the social media app lets you add music to your Facebook profile on iPhone and Android devices so you can stream them whenever you want while browsing your personalized feed or chatting with your friends. Sometimes words and images cannot define our personality. And when that happens, music comes to the rescue.

There’s always a song that sounds so nice that you can add it to your bio when you get the chance. Well, Facebook listened. Now you can add your favorite songs to your Facebook profile. Yes, you read that right. However, the song or songs will not automatically play when someone visits your profile. You will need to manually play the song in the music section of your profile. You can add multiple songs to your profile, but you can also pin a song that will appear at the top of your profile. Once the song is added, you can always play it and browse your profile to see the latest updates from your loved ones. You must manually select the song you want to add to your profile.

How to Add Music to Facebook Profile on iPhone and Android

Here’s something to consider before learning how to add a song to your facebook profile. This feature is only available for Facebook apps for Android, iPad and iPhone. This means that you cannot add music to your Facebook profile on Facebook account on the web. Instead, all you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get started.

  • Log into your Facebook account using the Facebook app for iPhone, iPad or Android.
  • You will be taken to the feed page directly after login. You need to click on the profile picture which you can see in the upper right corner.
  • Once you’re on your profile page, scroll down a bit and you’ll see the Music tab. You need to touch this.
  • After doing this, you will be taken to the Song page. Click on the + icon and search for the song you would like to add to your profile. Once you find the song, click on the Add option and the song will be added.
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