How to Convert HEIC images to JPG format on Mac

How to Convert HEIC images to JPG format on Mac

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How to Convert HEIC images to JPG format on Mac – Guide

Apple is using a new HEIC photo format to compress photos taken with their iPhone and here we’ll show you how to open HEIC files on your Mac and convert HEIC to JPEG. Since iOS 11, Apple uses the HEIC file format to store photos on iPhone and iPad. We explain more in our role What is HEIC. Apple uses the HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) and HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) standards created by MPEG and calls the file format HEIC.

HEIC encompasses a number of advanced compression methods that make it possible to create photos at much smaller file sizes – up to half the size – while achieving superior image quality compared to JPEG. If you have several HEIC files on your Mac, you will need to convert them to JPG format. There are several ways to do this. And the good news? They are all fast, easy and free. In fact, they are integrated into macOS.

How to convert HEIC to JPG with one click

The good news is that you don’t have to deal with any complicated workflow to convert a batch of HEIC files to JPG – just make sure you have Permute installed on your Mac. Permute is a universal media converter for Mac. The app works with multiple photo, audio and video formats – making any file transformation easy and smooth. Here it is how to convert HEIC to JPG in swap:

  • Open Permute from within the Set app.
  • Drag and drop any number of HEIC images into the Permute window.
  • hit the beginning button to convert to JPG.
  • That’s it. Select Show in Finder to access your JPG images. If you convert files regularly and want to speed up the process, use the Permute presets. You can add your custom preset via Preferences so that whenever you add a specific file next time, Permute understands what it should be converted to.

    Convert HEIC to JPG with native macOS tools

    If you don’t have Setapp membership, which includes Permute and Gemini, consider native apps like Preview or Photos to convert HEIC to JPG. It’s slower and not as efficient, especially if you want to convert multiple files, but it still works. Here are three common ways to change the image file format on Mac.

    How to convert HEIC file to JPG with photos

    As the most popular photo viewing and editing application among Mac users, Photos, which is a continuation of iPhoto and Aperture, may be where you most interact with HEIC files. Fortunately, Photos offers two ways to change HEIC to JPG.

    First, if you have transferred some HEIC images from your iPhone to your photo library, you can simply drag and drop them onto your desktop or any other folder on your Mac and they will automatically be converted to JPGs.

    Second, Photos gives you some control over image export, so you can simply convert HEIC files to JPG while exporting them and set your exact preferences for quality, color profile, etc.:

  • Select some HEIC images from your photo library
  • Click File ➙ Export ➙ Export Photos from the menu bar
  • Select all appropriate options for new JPG images
  • Click Export
  • How to convert HEIC to JPG with preview

    If you don’t use Photos and only occasionally need to convert the HEIC file to JPG (to upload online as your avatar, for example), you can simply use the default image viewer application on Mac – Preview, which can’t just display photos and documents, but also edit them, mark them up, sign or watermark and more.

    Here it is how to convert HEIC to JPG on Mac using Preview:

  • Open any HEIC image in preview
  • Click File ➙ Export from the menu bar
  • Select JPG from the format drop-down menu and adjust other settings as needed
  • Choose Save
  • How to change HEIC to JPG on Mac with Automator

    By far the most underrated default application on macOS is Automator. In case you haven’t used it before, Automator facilitates many menial tasks like batch renaming files, moving folders, filtering email, etc. For our purposes, not only can Automator export HEIC images as JPGs, it can also add them to Quick Actions in the right click menu, so you can easily repeat the action at any time in the future, even without starting Automator.

    To make converting HEIC to JPG a one-click action with Automator:

  • Start Automator and click New Document
  • Select Quick Action ➙ Choose
  • Look for the Copy Finder Items action and double-click to add it. Choose the folder where you want the converted JPG images to be saved.
  • Search for the Change Images Type action and double-click to add that too. Select JPG from the dropdown menu.
  • Click File ➙ Save and name your Quick Action (for example, change HEIC to JPG).
  • Now, whenever you need to convert HEIC to JPG on Mac, just right-click the file and select the workflow saved in Quick Actions. You can even do this with multiple images at once.

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