How to do online payment without internet

How to do online payment without internet

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How to do online payment without internet – Guide

India is the leader in most countries in the digital payments segment. UPI, also known as the Unified Payments Interface, has driven this growth. In many cases it is easier than paying with cash. However, an active internet connection is required for payment. Imagine that you are in a remote region with no internet and no money to make a payment. In this scenario, you can easily pay with minimal network coverage.

You can use UPI in offline mode with a USSD code through your phone. In particular, the *99# service was launched for all mobile users regardless of model, supporting smartphones and feature phones. Also the phone number must be linked to your bank account to make UPI payments. For smartphone users, UPI doesn’t make much sense as UPI apps like PhonePe, Google Pay, etc. can be used. Yet, feature phone Users can use USSD code *99# to use UPI. This feature It is also helpful for smartphone users who are experiencing internet issues.

How to use *99# in your mobile:

  • You first register with the BHIM app to create a UPI account and do one-time registration.
  • Enter your correct phone number linked to a bank account.
  • Open the dial pad on your mobile phone and type ‘*99#’. This will redirect you to a new menu consisting of seven options such as ‘My Profile’, ‘Send Money’, ‘Receive Money’, ‘Pending Requests’, ‘Check Balance’, ‘UPI PIN’ and ‘Transactions’.
  • Then select the ‘Send Money’ option by pressing the number 1 in the dial pad text field. This will allow you to send money using your bank account number, UPI ID and IFSC code or phone number. Choose your preferred option.
  • In case you select UPI, you will need to enter the UPI ID of the beneficiary, whereas if you choose the phone number option, you will have to enter the mobile number of the person you are sending the money to. If you select the bank account option, you will need to enter the 11-digit IFSC code and the recipient’s bank account number.
  • You will then need to enter the amount you want to transfer to the other person, similar to any other digital transaction platform such as Google Pay or Paytm.
  • In the last step, enter your UPI PIN number. Select ‘submit’ to complete the transaction. Once the money is transferred, you will receive a confirmation on your phone along with a reference ID. You will then be prompted to save the recipient as a beneficiary for future transactions. Using the service will cost a scant fee of Rs 0.50.
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