How to Fix ‘Dark Mode Not Working in Gmail and Other Google Apps’ Issue

How to Fix ‘Dark Mode Not Working in Gmail and Other Google Apps’ Issue

This guide is about How to Fix ‘Dark Mode Not Working in Gmail and Other Google Apps’ Issue. So read this free guide, How to Fix ‘Dark Mode Not Working in Gmail and Other Google Apps’ Issue. If you have query related to same article you may contact us.

How to Fix ‘Dark Mode Not Working in Gmail and Other Google Apps’ Issue – Guide

A server-side fix appears to be released starting Monday that will restore Gmail to dark mode. We received several theme settings reports that returned without user interaction in the last few hours. There have also been cases where some missed the dismal topic this morning only to come back to it a short time later. Staring at the screens all day can cause the bright light to fall a little in the eyes. Switching to dark mode can help combat the problem and even save battery life. There are several ways for Gmail users to do this. However, the method you use depends on the device you are using.

For example, if you have an iPhone, you can no longer use dark mode in the Gmail app. However, there is a workaround you can use to get the dark mode effect in your device’s system settings. But those on Android or desktop can access the Dark Mode option from the Themes menu in the app itself.

Check system version

If your Android device is on Android 10, most apps, including Gmail, should be able to switch to the dark theme. Likewise, those using iOS 11 and above can experience dark mode for various Google Apps. To check your device’s OS version, go to the Settings app.

Always install the latest update on your apps

If your apps don’t have dark mode as of now, make sure you’ve installed the latest update on the apps. If you use an Android device, tap Play Store App > Menu Button(hamburger)> Apps and games. If you use an Apple device, go to the App Store and check for the latest update for the respective apps you have on your device.

Restart your smartphone / tablet

So, according to you, your device has the latest system update and the latest build for all apps. Then try resetting the device. After the device restarts, check if Google Apps has a dark mode option.

clear cache

Another very useful method to make things work is to clear the cache of any Google app you are trying to turn cache clear on. It’s easy to do. This process will clean up clutter caused by temporary files and should make new application updates work flawlessly.

  • Go to App Settings > Apps & Notification
  • Tap See All Apps
  • From the list of apps, choose your Google app option
  • Tap Storage & Caching
  • Now tap Clear Cache
  • Manually set dark mode

    If you have an Android smartphone running on the latest Android OS, ie Android 10, you can manually enable dark mode in the Device Settings app.

  • Since I use a OnePlus 6T with the latest Android 10, I went to Settings > Personalization
  • Tap the preset theme
  • Select Nuanced Dark> tap Apply
  • Depending on the device you can use, go to Settings and check the display options. You should definitely get an option for dark mode if your phone is running Android 10.

    Check dark mode in application settings

    This is very simple.

  • Open any Google app option (eg open Google Fit)
  • tap the profile
  • Now tap the gear icon and scroll down to the last Theme option
  • Tap it to select your choice of theme
  • As I want to choose dark mode, I selected dark mode and dark mode is automatically activated.
  • It’s that simple. Likewise, for any other Google Apps like Gmail, check Messages in the Theme Settings option. Below it you can find an option to change the theme to Dark Mode.

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