How to Fix ‘Mouse Pointer Dis­ap­pear­ing in Chrome Browser’ Issue

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How to Fix ‘Mouse Pointer Dis­ap­pear­ing in Chrome Browser’ Issue – Guide

The disappearance of the cursor or mouse pointer when trying to navigate your browser can be very frustrating. There can be several reasons for this issue, including outdated drivers or inadvertently disabling your mouse settings. It is likely that automatic hardware acceleration is also causing this issue. However, this is a very common problem that the user can easily solve on their own. There are several methods that can be used to solve this problem.

In that guide, we round up some of the best proven techniques you can use to fix mouse cursor disappearance in Chrome. User can follow the steps below while trying to fix the mouse pointer disappearing issue in Chrome. It is imperative to close all tabs you have opened in Google Chrome before trying any of the methods listed below, as opening tabs can lead to data loss.

Shut down Chrome from Task Manager and restart

If the cursor disappears in Chrome browser, just restarting the program will solve the problem. You can simply terminate the Chrome browser process and restart it. Follow these steps to fix the chrome cursor disappearing issue:

  • Open Task Manager in Windows.
  • Select Google Chrome processes from the list of programs.
  • hitting task on final button.
  • After verifying that there are no chrome threads running in the task manager and completely exiting all processes, just reopen the browser and start using the chrome browser with the chrome cursor on the screen. This should cause the cursor to temporarily reappear in the Chrome browser.

    Restart using the chrome command: // restart

    I know it’s tedious work to restart Chrome after killing of task manager on all instances. Alternatively, you can use the reset function in chrome to completely reset the browser without shutting down the task manager.

    Whenever the chrome cursor or mouse pointer is hidden, try running chrome: // restart on the browser’s URL. This will automatically restart the browser and make the job less labor intensive. Make sure you don’t have unsaved edits in your browser. Restarting the browser will close all existing tabs and the running extension temporarily and cause the mouse cursor to reappear.

    Enable/Disable Hardware Acceleration

    Hardware acceleration is prebuilt feature in Chrome browser that helps in smooth operation. It usually helps to improve screen performance when using a Chrome browser.

    Hardware acceleration also influences the keyboard, trackpad, touch screen, etc. Therefore, disabling or enabling the use of hardware acceleration will fix the chrome cursor issue.

    I kind of struggled between enabling and disabling this option. For some system users, turning off hardware acceleration fixed the problem. While for others, keeping the hardware acceleration option ON solved the auto-hide issue. Follow these steps to enable or disable the use of hardware acceleration in Chrome browser:

  • Launch the Chrome browser.
  • Navigate to Settings in the vertical 3dots icon options.
  • Scroll down in settings to open Advanced Settings.
  • In the System section, toggle the ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ option.
  • Switch to Chrome Canary browser

    You can also switch to Chrome Canary, which can fix the mouse pointer disappearing issue. The canary is built on the chrome design and has the same features just like the Chrome browser. However, this browser is highly unstable and used by developers.

    I don’t recommend using this browser version, however, you can download Chrome Canary for free on Windows and also on macOS. Note that Canary is not a stable chrome and you can still watch the chrome cursor disappear from the problem intermittently.

    Alternative to Chrome browser

    Alternatively, you can also consider using Microsoft’s Edge browser. The new Edge browser was developed with the Chromium project, which also powers Google Chrome. The Windows operating system started pushing the Edge browser into the latest version.

    Technically, you won’t find any big difference between Chrome and Edge browsers. However, Edge browser does not support Google Account Sync, but depends on Microsoft account. Also, Edge is just a Chrome browser clone with all the features you need. Maybe Edge is getting even better than Chrome.

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