How to join ongoing WhatsApp group calls

How to join ongoing WhatsApp group calls

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How to join ongoing WhatsApp group calls – Guide

A few weeks ago, WhatsApp launched its first phase of pluggable calls. It now enhances that experience by integrating with group chats. So if someone in your group misses a call when the phone rings, they can still participate whenever they want. You can also log out and back in at any time if the call is still in progress. This feature can be useful for those who use WhatsApp a lot for group video or voice calls. There are times when you need to leave a call in the middle and then you won’t be able to go back to the same call on WhatsApp. The company realized this and presented the new feature. WhatsApp announced more features for your call call feature.

This was one of the keys features added by the messaging app as it gives users the ability to join an ongoing call once it has started. The new addition to feature allows users to call a WhatsApp group and join the group chat window. Users will now see a dedicated button near the group chat icon. “Today we are improving the experience of incoming calls by integrating them with group chats. So group calls are now contextual to your group chats and you can easily join them directly from the chat tab. As group calling becomes more popular, the integration of connect calls gives WhatsApp users a quick new way to connect with their groups of family and friends,” WhatsApp said in a statement.

How to join an ongoing group call on WhatsApp

  • Update to the latest version of WhatsApp.
  • Once you get the new update, you will see a Tap to join option in WhatsApp call log to join an ongoing group call.
  • Now, just click on that option.
  • That’s it! Enjoy the call.
  • WhatsApp had previously introduced the ability to join a group call even after it started. This clearly meant that you didn’t have to join the call once it started. You can join the call at any time. WhatsApp has also introduced a call information screen so you can see who is already on phone and who was invited, but not yet joined. And if you click Ignore, you can join later on the Calls tab in WhatsApp.

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