How to Lock Windows 10 PC

How to Lock Windows 10 PC

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How to Lock Windows 10 PC – Guide

Your Windows 10 computer can be locked in a number of ways, such as a keyboard shortcut, the Start menu, or Task Manager. If you don’t know, your PC will automatically lock itself if there is no activity for a long time. These are the default Windows settings. However, if you want to manually lock Windows 10 PC, you can try these methods. The easiest and most convenient way to lock Windows 10 PC is to press the keyboard shortcut Windows Key + L, which locks your computer immediately. If you are using a laptop, you can just close the lid, which locks the computer anyway, and when you open it again it will ask you to login the user account. pressing the power button or sleep button will also put the device to sleep.

You can click the Start button button on your Windows 10 computer and click on the Administrator icon. Then click on the Lock option in the list to lock the computer. You can lock Windows 10 when you need to leave your computer for a while but you don’t want to turn it off or just in case someone suddenly appears when you see some important data on your PC. Some people may exit Windows 10 to disable the display, but that should close running apps. However, if you lock your PC, running apps may remain open while the screen is turned off.

Windows 10 keyboard lock

The easiest way to lock your Windows 10 computer screen is to use keyboard lock. You can press Windows logo key and L key on the keyboard at the same time to easily lock your Windows 10 screen. If you created a user password in Windows 10, you can enter your password to log in to Windows 10 again.

How to Lock Windows 10 screen with Ctrl + Alt + Delete

You can also use another way of keyboard shortcut to lock your Windows 10 PC screen. You can press Ctrl+Alt+Delete key on your computer keyboard simultaneously to open the options screen and choose Lock option to lock the screen. Windows 10 screen.

How to Lock Window 10 Screen on Start Menu

The third way you can adopt to lock Windows 10 PC/laptop screen is through Start button. You can click Start button on your Windows 10 computer and click on the Administrator icon. Then click on the Lock option in the list to lock the computer.

Lock Windows 10 screen with screensaver settings

You can also change your screensaver settings to automatically lock Windows 10 after a period of inactivity in Windows 10.

  • At the beginning, you can click on Start button on the Windows 10 screen and choose Settings -> Personalization.
  • Then you can click Lock Screen in the left pane, browse and click Screen Saver Settings in the right window to open the Windows Screen Saver Settings dialog.
  • Check On resume, display logon screen option and set a preferred time for how long your Windows 10 PC waits before starting the screen saver. Click OK to run the settings.
  • Lock Windows 10 with Phone Bluetooth dynamic lock

    Windows 10 Creators Update adds a new feature called Dynamic Lock. You can pair your smartphone with your Windows 10 computer with Bluetooth and set your Windows 10 computer to automatically lock when you bring your device. phone out of Bluetooth range. to use this feature To lock Windows 10 screen, your Windows 10 computer is very Bluetooth equipped.

  • You must pair your phone with the computer first. put your phone near your computer. Click Start -> Settings to open the Windows Settings window.
  • Type Bluetooth in the search box and choose Bluetooth and other device settings to open it.
  • Activate the Bluetooth option. Then click the + icon next to Add Bluetooth or other device.
  • Select Bluetooth in the Add a device window. Choose yours phone when it appears in the list. Then accept peer notifications on Windows 10 PC and phone.
  • Go back to Windows settings home page and click Accounts.
  • Choose login options on the left panel and scroll down to find Dynamic Lock. Finally, check Allow Windows to automatically lock your device when you are away.
  • How to Set or Change a Password in Windows 10

    You can set a password on Windows 10 computer with the steps below. After the computer is locked, you can enter the password to log in to the computer.

    How to Set a password in Windows 10

  • Press Windows key + X on your keyboard and select Computer Management window.
  • Expand Local Users and Groups and click Users.
  • Right-click the computer user account and click Set password
  • Click Continue to set a password in Windows 10.
  • How to Change password in Windows 10

  • Click Start -> Settings -> Accounts -> Login Options.
  • Then click Change under Password.
  • Log in with your current account password by entering the password in the box and click Login.
  • Enter the last 4 digits of your phone number to check the phone number.
  • Enter the code you receive in your phone.
  • Enter your old password, enter a new password and press Enter to change your Microsoft account password.
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