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How to Solve General Gaming Errors

How-to-fix general gaming errors

Here in this post we will tell you the about general errors and their solution which occurs while gaming, there could be lots of reason which stops game form starting of running properly, we will explain some of them one by one with their possible solutions

General gaming errors are as:-

  • Nothing happens when you click at setup.
  • Dll Error.
  • Game not responding error after installing when you try to run it.
  • Game does not meet minimum hardware requirements and incompatibility.
  • Insufficient Memory error.
  • Short screen error.
  • Other errors.


Nothing happens when you click at setup of the game.

  • For new games

This error generally occurs in new games, it occurs when your computer does not have the latest version of Microsoft netframework, so you need to install it, you can get it directly from Microsoft website.

  • For old games

For old games this problem could be due to error in setup or corrupted setup, so it is recommended to purchase original DVD of the game

Dll errors.

Dll refers to Dynamic Link Library, it contains a code or instruction that a program use to perform certain thing.

Dll errors occur when you run the program. Dll files are generally located in C:\Windows\System32, but for a game they are generally stored in a software program that software installs them into system32 folder, when you run game an error message occurs that a particular Dll file is missing form your computer, that file could be same for different game of or it could be same for different games

Most general Dll while which game founds missing from your computer are D3dx9_29.dll, D3dx9_31.dll, D3dx9_34.dll, D3dx9_40.dll, D3dx9_43.dll, bink32.dll, MSVCR100.dll, Xinput1_3.dll, xlive.dll. Some of these files have one common thing i.e. their name, some files start from D3dx9____ and some form MSVCR____ ,Now let us tell you the solution for fixing missing Dll errors


  • If the file name starts from D3dx___ then you need to install the latest version of DirectX

Generally every game contains online/offline installer for DirectX, run that installer and connect your computer to internet, it will download and install the latest version and your problem will be solved. You can download the latest version form Microsoft website also.

  • If the file name starts from MSVCR__ Then you need to install the latest version of Microsoft visual craft C++

Every game contains the setup for visual craft C++, simply install it and you problem will be solved, you can download it from Microsoft website also.

  • Softwares given below should be installed in your computer go get rid of maximum Dll errors.
  • DirectX
  • Visual craft C++
  • Microsoft games for windows live
  • NVidia physics x
  • Latest drivers of you graphic car
  • For other Dll files

Download the Dll file from internet and paste in C:\Windows\System32

Game not responding error after installing when you try to run it.

When you run the application or desktop shortcut of the game a message occurs that the particular game is not responding or stopped working, this is the most annoying problem there is no general solution for this error, it could be different for different games, but some of the possible causes and their solutions are as below

  • This error generally occurs when your game does not meet the minimum requirements to run it, so we suggest you to upgrade your computer hardware with a powerful processor , minimum 8 GB ram, and a powerful graphic card
  • One of the possible cause is that game is not installed properly, so try to reinstall it by disabling you antivirus and giving access through firewall, try to reinstall with recommended settings
  • This problem could be different for different games so if you have all hardware requirements and many others are facing such problem then wait till the company launches the fix for it or the reloaded version


Game does not meet minimum hardware requirements and incompatibility.

To run a game properly and smoothly your hardware should be powerful and compatible with the game.

The major parts of computer on which the gaming depends are



Graphic card


Your Ram should be of high speed and minimum 8 GB in size then your games will run smoothly and without any incompatibility issue. Latest games require higher ram for example Call of Duty Ghosts require minimum 8 GB ram, so better will give better performance.


It’s good if you have high speed processor e.g. i3, i5, i7. It will improve your gaming speed. As the gaming technology is growing its demands are also increasing for example Call of Duty Advanced Warfare need 4 core processor. So it is recommended to have a processor above Intel i3.

Graphic card:-

It is the most wanted requirement of any game, better the graphic card awesome will be performance, speed and visual. If you have  a DirectX supported graphic card then its good and if not then you will face” DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error” message while running game and not responding issue in some games for example in Call of Duty Ghosts


*If you don’t have above three things according to game requirement then your game will run very very slow and you reduce graphics, also after closing the game your pc will run slow for 5-10 minutes. For this log off your computer and logon again your computer will run fine.

Insufficient Memory error.

This errors comes when you try to run a 32 bit program into 64 bit windows. For a better gaming make sure you have 64 bit windows, because in 32 bit windows a program does not get the fully memory which require to run it, also your ram will not completely utilized in 32 windows.


Short Screen Error.

When you have all things needed to run the gaming and your game is installed properly and running also but problem is that it’s not running in full screen. One of the reason for this unviability of graphics card drivers, so install latest drivers of your graphic card

Others Errors.

  • After all things need and game is still not running then check for antivirus settings, enable silent gaming mode in antivirus or disable it while gaming
  • Give full control to game and allow full access through firewall, for this run game as administrator
  • Some errors are contained is game itself like “buffer overflow error”. Don’t worry about this type of Errors Company will give you solution for these errors .


So after all we come to conclusion that you should have all Softwares, drivers and requirements which need to run a game, then you will not get any error while installing and playing.