How to take Snapchat Screenshot in an iPhone

How to take Snapchat Screenshot in an iPhone

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How to take Snapchat Screenshot in an iPhone – Guide

The original idea of ​​Snapchat was that carefree users could stream photos and videos, with the guarantee that their content would be deleted after a few seconds. The post was lost to the annals of time. However, once anything digital is sent into the stratosphere, it never really disappears. Screenshot notification is a feature that gives consumers peace of mind. The user is alerted if you take a Snapchat screenshot of them using the normal way.

Since the app’s introduction in 2011, screenshot tips have been circulating on the internet. Before Snapchat recorded the screenshot, users tried everything from putting their phones in Airplane mode to force quit the application. They try to capture what is on someone else’s screen using manual methods such as using someone else’s screen phone.

Many of these options were blocked, including third-party apps that promised to mask screenshot activities. Still, there is one option that has not been exhausted. Does not involve borrowing from a friend phone to record any Snapchat encounters you’re having. Keep reading to find out what it is.

How to Take Secret Screenshots on Snapchat

The secret to taking screenshots on Snapchat lies in the trusted iOS native toolkit. the screen record feature gets used to capturing your interaction on the social media app. Although Android users have to wait for screen recording feature, is now available for Android 10 phones and most recent.

Secretly Capturing Snapchats Using an iPhone

iPhone users were once able to record a Snap without being detected. Unfortunately, in May 2021, this was no longer possible. Based on our testing, the other user received a notification for screenshots and screen recording function.

Even third-party apps on the App Store don’t seem very reliable. Most of the apps we tried didn’t work. Others still sent a notification. Of course, this could be because of the latest updates. So, if you’re trying to use a third-party app to capture Snaps, keep checking the App Store.

This situation leaves only one option for iPhone users: use another device. You will need to use another phone, tablet, etc. to capture a Snap and avoid sending those screenshot notifications to the other party.

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