How to Turn Off Facebook Tracking in Firefox

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How to Turn Off Facebook Tracking in Firefox – Guide

Who is watching you on the internet? You trust your ISP and the government. If you have an Android phone, Google tracks you online and offline. But what about Facebook and other social media sites? Facebook tracking is comparable to Google tracking. Multi-billion fines have been levied against Facebook for violating privacy, tracking and data sharing laws in the United States, the European Union and individual countries around the world. Is it possible to disable Facebook tracking? Is there a way to stop Facebook from following you across the internet? You can absolutely give it a shot. Here it is how to prevent Facebook from tracking your internet activities.

Facebook may track users on third-party websites that have incorporated Facebook ‘like’ and ‘share’ options. Container prevents Facebook from tracking in this way by drawing a boundary around the social media platform as well as other Facebook-owned websites such as Instagram and Messenger. To do this, Firefox loads Facebook (and other websites) in a special tab, with a fence icon in the address bar, and this effectively makes Facebook blind to what the user is doing outside of the container.

However, installing Container disables the ability for users to log in to other sites using their Facebook ID or use the built-in ‘share’ or ‘like’ options. The new update gets around this issue by allowing users to add the sites they want to the Container. This can be done by clicking on the fence near the ‘Firefox Account’ icon in the top right corner of the tab – although this gives Facebook access to activity on that site.

Containers aren’t just limited to Facebook. Firefox also has a Multi-Account Containers add-on that allows the user to customize containers for different uses, such as personal or work, preventing websites in one container from tracking websites in the other. However, if Facebook is included in one of the multi-account containers, the dedicated Facebook container will not work.

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