How to Turn on Night Mode On Firefox Browser

How to Turn on Night Mode On Firefox Browser

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How to Turn on Night Mode On Firefox Browser – Guide

Mozilla Firefox is nothing more than a web browser to access the Internet. The web browser allows access to information in the form of text, audio, images and videos from all over the world. Mozilla Firefox was developed in 2002 by the Mozilla Foundation among the Phoenix community. Nowadays it is just called Firefox as it is derived from the Mozilla browser and is also known as Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla Firefox can also be used to browse Android and iOS. Firefox was officially released in November 2004 and gave Microsoft’s Internet Explorer an uphill race for its add-ons, security, and speed. Firefox has reached its peak of popularity in final 2009, when it reached more than 32% of the total market usage.

But after the introduction of Google Chrome, Firefox’s popularity waned. As of now, it has around 5% market users. The internet never sleeps, which means you can look at a brightly lit screen at any time of day, potentially disrupting your sleep and tiring your eyes. Turn off the lights by activating dark mode in your browser. very popular mobile apps offer darker color schemes, but on the web, each site’s color theme is determined by the site’s developer (Google just released a dark theme for on desktop). Still, you can make the browsing experience more pleasant by changing the color of menu pages or playing with certain features. Here it is how to do this in Firefox.

How to enable night mode in Firefox browser

How to Enable Firefox’s Dark Mode on a PC

  • use the start button to enable dark mode in Windows via the Settings menu. Then click on Personalization before selecting Colors in the left panel.
  • Activate dark mode by clicking on the relevant option. Under Custom, you can choose to enable this mode under Choose Your Default Windows Mode or Choose Your Default Application Mode, or both, depending on your preference.
  • Then open the Firefox browser, which will be displayed in dark mode.
  • How to Enable Firefox’s Dark Mode on an iPhone or iPad

  • You can enable dark mode on your iPhone or iPad by opening the Settings app and scrolling down until you find Display & Brightness.
  • Under the Appearance heading, tap Dark to enable this mode. Your screen will change to show what this mode will look like. Note that this can be changed back to light at any time by simply choosing the Light option, or toggling the Auto switch to automatically dim at sunset or turn on at sunrise.
  • Then open the Firefox browser app, which will be displayed in dark mode along with other open apps.
  • How to Activate Firefox’s Dark Mode on an Android

  • To enable dark mode on your Android device, you will need to update to Android 10 or later or download an app.
  • If you’re running Android 10 or later, launch the Settings app and tap Display, enable dark mode by tapping the toggle button for Dark Theme and open your Firefox app, which should now appear in dark mode.
  • Also, in the Firefox application, you have the option to choose between application-specific display modes.
  • To change your settings in the browser, tap the three-dot menu in the lower right corner, select Settings, then Customize and choose from Light, Dark or Follow Device Theme.
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