How to update an iPhone without deleting anything

When Apple releases a new model of iOS, it is usually an straightforward course of to update it in your iPhone or iPad. We have directions right here to do that: Update iOS on an iPhone. However, it isn’t so simple as your iPhone has solely a small quantity of area. If you could have an iPhone with 16 GB of storage – or perhaps a 32 GB iPhone filled with images, chances are high the iOS installer wants more area than you could have out the re.

In that case, you need to observe this tutorial and install your model of the iOS update by way of iTunes in your Mac or PC.

Update iOS if you do not have sufficient area in your iPhone / iPad

If you do not have quite a lot of area left in your iPhone or iPad, once you strive to update iOS, you could get a message that Apple will delete a few of your apps to free up area. You can select to let Apple do that – you’ll be able to download your apps once more later. You can even observe our recommendation on how to make area on an iPhone.

However, if that each 1 seems like quite a lot of additional work, the re’s a approach round it. Here’s how to update iOS by way of iTunes in your Mac or PC:

  1. Connect your iPhone to your Mac or PC
  2. Turn in your Mac (or PC) and launch iTunes
  3. You ought to see the message that “A new iPhone software version (11.0) is available for the iPhone” YourName’s iPhone “. Would you like to download it and update your iPhone now?”
  4. Before clicking Yes, ensure your iCloud backup is up to date (or if you’re backing up to iTunes, check that). If you do not have a latest backup, we suggest creating 1 earlier than updating. Expect it to take a couple of minutes. Here’s how to backup your iPhone
  5. After making a backup, click on Transfer and Update and wait whereas the Mac connects to the iOS update server.
  6. Agree to the software program license settlement.
  7. When requested for the passcode on iPhone or iPad, Touch ID could also be sufficient.
  8. Once the iOS update is downloaded to the Mac, it would swap to updating the iPhone firmware
  9. Eventually the iPhone will reboot, after which you’ll have a number of setting choices to undergo
  10. You can observe the whole course of within the video on the prime of this article. It might take some time relying on whether or not you’re updating with all the opposite folks on the earth on the similar time, however, in a much less busy time it solely takes about 40 minutes from begin to end.