How to Use Hulu Watch Party to Watch TV With Friends

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How to Use Hulu Watch Party to Watch TV With Friends – Guide

Hulu Watch Party feature is now available to all Hulu and Hulu members (No Ads), allowing you to watch thousands of series and movies on the streaming service with up for eight other people at the same time. According to a statement, the feature, which Hulu has been testing since May, also lets you communicate with your fellow viewers, giving users another chance to digitally connect while on vacation.

Hulu Watch Party feature follows similars from Disney Plus and Amazon Prime Video earlier this year, as well as third-party additions like Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party), which gained traction during the coronavirus lockdowns. Everyone in the group must have a Hulu subscription to use the feature (and be over 18 years old).

Hulu’s Watch Party feature allows you to watch with your friends. Watch Party automatically syncs playback for everyone in the party instead of loading Hulu and pressing start at the same time. Participants can connect via text chat, but if you want to chat while watching, you’ll need to use a third-party voice chat program like Discord.

How to use Hulu Watch Party

To use Hulu’s Watch Party feature, look for the Watch Party icon on the supported titles detail page. Select it and start a party. You will receive a link to send to others who want to participate and watch with you. It is so easy. Remember that all viewers must use the Hulu website. That’s because Hulu Watch Party is online only feature.

  • Visit in a supported web browser.
  • Navigate to the Details page for the show or movie you want to watch.
  • Select the Watch Party icon on the Details page.
  • For a TV series, select Watch Party from an episode’s context menu icon.
  • Click Start Party.
  • Select the chain icon to copy the link and send it to others so they can participate.
  • Hulu Watch Party feature lets you chat with others in a shared group chat along with a stream of the video you’re watching. Each participant can control their own playback. You can pause and then the “click to grab” up” button to return to where the group is currently watching.

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