How to Use Slide Over on an iPad

How to Use Slide Over on an iPad

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How to Use Slide Over on an iPad – Guide

Slide Over is a way to multitask on the iPad. It displays a main application in full screen mode and a secondary application in a small floating window on the left or right side of the screen. The Slide Over window can be quickly closed and retrieved when needed, making it ideal for quickly reviewing information in one application while working on something else. Apple introduced Slide Over along with other iPad multitaskers features on iOS 9, released in 2015. It is available on iPad Pro or later, iPad Air or later, and iPad mini 2 or later. All iPad models currently sold by Apple support Slide Over.

Unlike most official Apple apps, not all apps support Slide Over. Third-party developers must specifically choose to support the feature for it to work properly. There is no master list of apps that Slide Over supports. So you have to make a few tries to see if your favorite apps work with it. The iPad’s Other Great Multitasker feature, Split View, shows two windows side by side with a black divider in the middle. It’s designed to use two apps at the same time in a situation where you might need to constantly refer to each one or move information between them.

How to use slide

  • To use Slide Over, open an app. This will be your main app that runs full screen while you place a Slide Over window on it. The easiest way to use an app with a cursor is to drag it from the Dock.
  • With the main app you want to use already open, slowly swipe up at the bottom of the screen to open the Dock.
  • Find the second app you want to open, place your finger on its icon and hold it for a while. (But not too long, otherwise you’ll trigger a pop-upup menu.) Slowly drag the icon up out of the dock in the desired direction for the Slide window.
  • After a while, the icon will become part of a fuzzy rectangular box with rounded edges. Keep dragging the icon with your finger until it’s halfway across the screen where you want the window to slide.
  • Release your finger and the new app will appear as a floating floating window.
  • Once an app is in slideshow mode, you can easily move it to the other side of the screen by dragging the control bar at the top of the window and repositioning it on the other side.
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