How To Use Snooze Tool in Outlook Online

How To Use Snooze Tool in Outlook Online

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How To Use Snooze Tool in Outlook Online – Guide

Snoozing an alarm on your cell phone phone is easy. But did you know that you can pause an email on and receive the same email at a predefined time? This article shows you the exact steps to use the “snooze” function so you can respond to an important email at a specific time without forgetting it. Sometimes we need to go back to an email and read it carefully before responding. If you’re in a hurry, you can’t – no matter how important email is to you. The problem starts when you forget this email because of a busy schedule. Therefore, you can use the snooze option in Outlook for the web to show the exact email at any time.

Like Gmail, Outlook Online has a snooze function. Use it to remove items from your inbox until you’re ready to edit them and keep your inbox from filling up up with emails you don’t need right now. Gmail’s snooze option was one of those new features this was so obvious in hindsight that you wonder why no one else has done it before. You select an email, choose a snooze time and it disappears from your inbox, magically reappearing whenever you want.

How to Use the Snooze Tool in Outlook Online

Snooze only works in the inbox, so if you have an email elsewhere that you want to snooze, move it to your inbox in Outlook Online or mark it to follow Up instead, in the Outlook client.

  • After selecting an email, click the “Snooze” button button to choose when you want the message to reappear.
  • The default times cannot be changed, so if none of them are right for you, select the “Choose a date” option.
  • Choose the date and time you want the email to reappear and click the “Save” button button.
  • After choosing a default or custom snooze time, the email will be moved to a new folder called “Scheduled”.
  • When nap time comes, the email will automatically be moved back to your inbox and marked as unread.
  • If you want to deal with it before then, open the “Scheduled” folder, select the deferred email and click the “Schedule” button button.
  • This will remove the snooze reminder, move the email back to the inbox, and mark it as unread.
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