How to Verify Facebook Page or Profile

How to Verify Facebook Page or Profile

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How to Verify Facebook Page or Profile – Guide

For emerging and established brands, being verified on Facebook is a big deal. This proves that you are someone with sufficient authority to be verified, as the blue tick is not given to anyone. Many socialites and companies with a sizable following that want to be verified on Facebook never do so. So if you get the coveted blue tick, you’ll earn Elite status, which customers are sure to appreciate. Facebook verification is the process of verifying an account or page to show other users that it represents your authentic presence on the platform. A blue checkmark appears next to a verified account name:

Facebook verification is the process of verifying your Facebook page. A verified blue badge on a Page means that Facebook has verified that the profile actually belongs to a specific public figure, creator or brand – not a fan or impersonator. Facebook has simplified its verification process in recent years. You may have heard of gray ticks or checking on Facebook Marketplace. However, both programs have been discontinued. Verified badges on Facebook (and Instagram) appear next to the page or account name, both on the profile page and in search.

How to get a blue verification tag

If you want to get a blue verification tag, you need to realize that not everyone can get it. The blue tag indicates that the nature of the page or profile is in the public interest.

Facebook lists eligible categories for the tag. These are selected brands, media organizations and well-known personalities.

  • Journalists
  • Favorite brand or company
  • government officials
  • Celebrity
  • media
  • Training
  • sports companies
  • If you have a Facebook page that falls into one of these categories, you are more likely to get verified. If your page is not in the selected categories and it makes sense to change it, you can edit the category, but only if it is consistent with your activity.

    The verification process depends on many factors such as account integrity, adherence to policies, and public interest.

  • Your content must be professional. Not only in terms of photo quality, but also high engagement.
  • You must have a link to your Facebook page linking to your website.
  • The Facebook page and profile must have a cover and profile photo and a name that meets Facebook’s rules.
  • For Facebook pages, it is important to have all the About page information filled in, such as address, website, email, phone, page category, biography, history, products and services.
  • Likewise, you must have detailed profile information on your Facebook profile and the option set below up. Before asking for verification, you must have several hundred followers.
  • In terms of security, Facebook also assesses whether you are using two-factor authentication.
  • Verification requests can be submitted using this form. Authentication must be accompanied by an identity document. You should also write a few sentences about why your account should receive verification. If there are pages that demonstrate public interest in your person or organization, you will need to provide all URL addresses.

    How to get a gray verification tag

    The gray label is a symbol used to show the authenticity of a company or organization. If your Facebook page is in the business, business, or local organization category, it may be eligible for the checkmark. You can check your Facebook settings to see if you are eligible.

  • Just click on Settings.
  • Then select General and Page Scan.
  • Then click Check this page.
  • Enter country, language and phone number.
  • You choose to call me back and Facebook will tell you the 4-digit code you need to enter. Then click Continue.
  • You can also verify the page using the official document that contains the name and address of the company.
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