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How to Install Ubuntu Touch on Android Device

by Carmelia Derby
2 minutes read
How to Install Ubuntu Touch on Android Device

This article shows how to Install Ubuntu Touch on Android Device. When you switch from Android OS to the privacy-focused Ubuntu Touch on your phone, you have to give up a lot. You’ll get rid of Android OS’s constant tracking and telemetry, but you won’t be able to use any apps other than the most basic ones. There’s also no WhatsApp. Ubuntu Touch is a mobile operating system that is in beta. It is also known as Ubuntu for devices or Ubuntu Phone. But if you have an Android device that can use it, you can try it out right now.

Not many devices are officially supported, but if you have a Nexus 4, Nexus 10, or second-generation Nexus 7 (the 2013 version), you’re in the best position to give Ubuntu touch a try. Android is a well-developed mobile operating system that is used on more than 2.5 billion devices around the world. The Google Play store has about 3 million apps, so there is at least one for every possible use case. We mentioned below are the ways how to Install Ubuntu Touch on Android Device. If you want to know more information about this Visit Official Ubuntu Website.

How to Install Ubuntu Touch on Android Device

Ubuntu Touch is surprisingly easy to set up. “Installing third-party operating systems has never been so easy!” says the UBports website. This is hard to disagree with. Here’s how to install Ubuntu Touch on a smartphone, using a Google Nexus 5 as an example. This is one of the first devices that worked with Ubuntu Touch, so it is reliable.

  1. Start by getting the UBports installer and installing it.
  2. Next, use a good USB data cable to connect your Android phone.
  3. After you’ve done this, run the UBports installer on your computer.
  4. The phone or tablet should be picked up on its own.
  5. If the device isn’t found, click Select device manually and choose it from the list.
  6. Click Install and set up the installation options. It’s best to use the default channel and check all three options.
  7. Click the OK button.
  8. When asked, turn on your phone again. If you’ve already installed a custom recovery, turn it on again into that.
  9. Wait while Ubuntu Touch is being installed, and do what is needed.

What Is Ubuntu Touch?

Ubuntu Touch was first shown in 2013. It was an attempt by Canonical to make a Linux mobile operating system based on its popular Linux desktop. Long-term goals for the platform were lost when the company changed its structure, so it was thought that Ubuntu Touch was no longer being worked on. After the project was canceled, Ubuntu Touch was taken over by the community, which formed UBPorts. Like Unity, which was also stopped, UBPorts carries on the work that Canonical started, and the operating system is now available on a much wider range of phones.

Once you put the Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system on your phone, you’ll be able to use it in a whole new way. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of apps, it’s not a big deal because many app functions (like social networks, news, etc.) are built into the operating system. This alternative to Android is easy to use, and if you have a phone that can run it, you should at least try it out.

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