How To Make You Wifi Connection Invisible

Make You WiFi Connection Invisible To Public

Thousands of people get hacked daily because of their week WiFi Security. Hacking a WiFi connection is not a big deal now. But if you fallow up along this article I will reveal some new tricks and secrets which can help you to secure your connection. Lets start with how to make you WiFi device identity totally private by hiding SSID.

What is SSID?

Every WiFi network have its own Service Set Identifier ( 32 Or Less Character Key) which can also be used to identify any type of WiFi device. So in the following steps we will be going to hide our Service Set identifier Key to make you WiFi connection totally invisible from the public.

  • The first step which you need to do get you IP address, which you can do through CMD or by check the back-side of you device.
  • Enter the address in to your browsers and login with the admin detail. Normally the pass and username is simple (admin).
  • Now in order to configure the setting go in to the control panel under Wireless Section and click on the option configure or modify.
  • Here you will find an option “Hide SSID” Enabling it will hide your device identity from anybody having a WiFi capable device.

As with the up coming of new WiFi hacker and security breakers. Some new WiFi Securities are also introduced in the market. In my next post i will go through different WiFi securities and let you know which one be going to work best for you.
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