How to Check your Full PC Specs

Update - 2020.04.08

Every user should know about a complete info of his PC. You may need your system specification ever. You know what, every games or software must require a specific requirement to run. So, whenever if you plan to install any software then you should know about all requirements of it and should be aware of the configuration of your device. So that’s why today I’m here with some best Software for check your PC’s full specification.

Software for check your PC full specification 2016

Computer Specifications

Computer Specifications is one for the Best software for check your PC specification. The one and major advantage are, you have no need to install it on your device. Just download it and then open. It’ll show all about your device. You can click Info button and the it displays your machine’s processor cores, operating system, battery status, processor usage, processor name, graphics card, RAM, graphics memory, PC model and all info about PC.


Hopefully, you’re well aware from CPU and GPU. CPU is a contraction of Central Processing Unit, and GPU is a contraction of Graphical Processing Unit. As mentioned above in title, CPU-Z and GPU-Z are two separate Softwares. Same company Tech Power powers the both. CPU-Z is used to check a complete information about your Processor and Ram. GPU-Z helps you to monitor all about your display or Graphics card including live reporting like Temperature, usage, etc.


Speccy is another advanced tool to check system specification. You need to download and install. It shows details about Hard drive size and speed, Processor brand and model, Amount of Memory, Graphics card, and OS. I said already above; people always use to My Computer’s properties to check basic information about your device. But Speccy’s software gives you a complete detail and statistics on every piece of hardware on your computer.