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How to strikethrough in Excel

by Charles Anders
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How to strikethrough in Excel

This article will show you how to strikethrough in Excel. Strikethrough is a way to format text or numbers in a cell so that a line goes through the cell or the selected text. Since it’s a format, it’s easy to get rid of. If you double-click in a cell, you can drag over the text or numbers to make them strikethrough. It means to put a line through a cell’s value. On the home tab of the ribbon in Microsoft Word, you can choose to strike through text. So it’s really simple to use. When it comes to Excel, there is no direct way to make a cell strikethrough. There is no button or choice on the ribbon. But that doesn’t mean we can’t do what we want to do. If you want to know more information about this visit official MS Excel support site.

Excel has a feature called “strikethrough” that puts a line between two cells. If the cell has a value, a line mark is next to the value. It is a format in Excel that we can get to by right-clicking on the “Format Cells” tab or by using the Excel keyboard shortcut “CTRL + 1” on the numeric tab. The same steps are used to get rid of a strikethrough. Formatting with a strikethrough is rarely used but is very useful in most applications. With strikethrough font, you can show that something has been deleted, taken out, or is no longer important without actually taking it out of the text. Excel also has this option for formatting, but you can’t get to it directly from the ribbon commands. But there are a lot of ways to strikethrough in Excel.

How to Add a Strikethrough in Excel through Font section

  1. Click the cell or range of cells you want to strike through.
  2. Click the Home tab on the ribbon at the top of the screen.
  3. Click the small arrow at the bottom right of the Font section, which is the Font Settings button.
  4. In the Format Cells box, click the box next to Strikethrough and then click OK.

How to add a partial strikethrough in Excel

Most of the time, you will probably want to delete all of the text in a cell. However, there may be times when you only want to delete some of the text in a cell. It’s easy to do; just select the text and then follow the same steps to strike it through.

  1. Double-clicking a cell lets you edit that cell.
  2. Choose the text that you want to cross out.
  3. Click the Font Setting button on the Home tab of the ribbon and choose Strikethrough, or use the keyboard shortcut (Ctrl + 5 or CMD + Shift + X).

How to add a strikethrough in Excel through a keyboard shortcut

The fastest way to put a strikethrough in Excel is to use the shortcut for it. If you already know how to use keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Word and other programs, it’s easy to learn the shortcut for Excel strikethrough: This is the shortcut for putting a line through something in Excel:

  1. Press Ctrl + 5 on a Windows computer.
  2. Press Cmd + Shift + X on a Mac.

How to Add Strikethrough to Quick Access Toolbar in Excel

Even though you can’t put the Strikethrough icon next to Bold, Italic, and Underline, you can still customize your Excel Quick Access Toolbar to make the font style easy to find. This is how:

  1. Click on the arrow that points down in the Quick Access Toolbar.
  2. You can pick More Commands. This brings up the menu of options for Excel.
  3. Change the drop-down menu for Choose Commands From from Popular Commands to All Commands.
  4. Scroll down the list on the left until you find the Strikethrough command and click on it. ClickAdd” to add it to the right-hand list.
  5. Select OK.

How to Add Strikethrough to Use Conditional Formatting in Excel

  1. Choose the cells where you want the strikethrough to appear. In the above example, we want to cross out the things that have already been bought. They are labeled A2:A5.
  2. Go to the Styles part of the Home tab. Choose Formatting Based on Conditions.
  3. Select the New Rule.
  4. Select Use a formula to figure out how to format the cells.
  5. In this case, we want to cross out the items that have the word “Yes” in the cell in Column C that matches Column A. So, type in the equation =$C2=”Yes”.
  6. Choose the format. Check the box next to Strikethrough.
  7. Select OK.

What is strikethrough?

When you type “strikethrough,” you put a horizontal line through the middle of the words. This makes text like this. In contrast to texts that have been edited or cleaned up, the words can still be read. This performance could mean one of two things. Ink-written, typed, or other text that can’t be changed, the words are a mistake and shouldn’t be there.

When used on a computer screen, however, it shows deleted information, thanks to the revision and track changes tools in Microsoft Word. It can also be used on purpose to show that someone has changed their mind. When text in a document or on a website is crossed out, it means that it is wrong or out of date. Text that is no longer true or is from an old version of the page may also be marked with a strikethrough in search engine results.

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