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How to Use Apple Maps Street View

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How to Use Apple Maps Street View

This article will show you how to Use Apple Maps Street View. If you’ve ever used Google Street View, you’ll know what the Look Around feature for Apple Maps is like. It came out with iOS 13. There are two ways to use the street view feature on Apple Maps: to browse or to search. But if you want to find your destination, Look Around will show you exactly where it is. Google Maps has had Street View for a long time, and it is a very popular feature. It lets people see how a place looks in real life in 3D, and they can walk up and down streets from their device.

Apple has made its own version of this called “Look Around,” which works smoothly and clearly on the iPhone. With the release of iOS, Apple’s Maps app got a big update. Street View is one of the most noticeable new features. If you haven’t heard of Google Maps’ Street View feature, it lets you see 360-degree views of streets and landmarks. Street View is available in many of the world’s biggest cities, and Apple’s Maps app has been slowly adding more and more cities. Here are the steps how to use Street View in Apple Maps.

1. How to Use Apple Maps Street View on iPhone, iPad, Mac

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Apple Maps Street view on a Mac, iPhone, or iPad is the same because the interface for the Maps app is the same on all Apple devices. To learn how to use Apple Maps street view, follow the same steps on any Apple device.

  1. Use your iPhone, iPad, or Mac to open the Apple Maps app.
  2. Now, if you see a Binoculars icon just below the navigation button, tap on it. If you don’t see the binoculars button, look for a place and zoom in on the Map. binocular-icon-on-maps-app-on-apple-maps-app
  3. Next, tap the Expand button in the top left corner of the screen to make the street view on Apple Maps full screen.
  4. Tap the same Expand icon to open the view, and tap it again to close it.
  5. To see in 360 degrees, move the screen left to right or up and down.
  6. Tap Done when you’re done looking at Street View.

2. How to Search in Apple Maps Street View

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  1. Start up Apple Maps.
  2. Tap the option that says “Search for a place or address,” then type in a specific location or use options like “Fast Food,” “Gas Stations,” “Groceries,” “Coffee Shops,” etc., to see results that are close by.
  3. Maps will show you the results of your search on the screen. You can move left, right, up, and down, and if you tap Look Around in the lower left corner, you can see Apple Maps Street View in full screen.
  4. Tap the “Expand” button to make the street view bigger, better, and clearer.
  5. If you tap “Done,” Street View will end.

3. What is Apple Maps Look Around?

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Google Maps’ street view is similar to Apple Maps’ “Look Around” feature. You can use it to see places from the street level and see in every direction. It works on devices with iOS 16 or later, as well as macOS. Apple Maps is a great navigation app and an alternative to Google Maps for iOS users, but you might not know about all of its features. If you want to know more information about this visit official Apple support site.

So, what is the handy option to “Look Around”? It’s hard to remember a time when we all didn’t have GPS mapping technology in our pockets. This technology is so helpful that many of us use it every day. Apple Maps is an app that you may be familiar with if you have an iPhone. It has a lot of little features that can help you find your way around a new place.

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