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How to use whatsapp without number

by Sumit Chauhan
1 minutes read

WhatsApp is a highly used social networking app for texting and chatting with friends and which was used by many users all over the world. WhatsApp allows you to send messages without costing you any price of  SMS. WhatsApp Messenger is built for Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia.

So many users don’t have sim card cell phone or using a tablet, but the issue is that they want to use WhatsApp in their smartphone. So, In this article we learn a trick How to use WhatsApp without number by just following the below steps.

Step 1. First of all uninstall the existing Whatsapp account.

Step 2. Now, switch your phone to Airplane Mode then Download and Install new Whatsapp on your phone.

Step 3. After that, go with on-screen instructions and put your phone number the re, don’t it won’t send the message as your phone is on flight mode.

Step 4. Now, it’ll ask you to select an alternative method to select for verification of your number. Then you select Check Through SMS.

Step 5. Afterward, enter your email address and Click on Submit button. Then quickly click on Cancel button.

Step 6. Now you need to install spoof messages apps for your device. If you have Android mobile then install Spoof Text Message and if you have iPhone then install Fake Text Message.

Step 7. After that, go to Outbox and send the detail to spoofed verification. Use these details for that; To +447900347295 From Mobile Number, Country Code, and SMS Your Email ID.

Step 8. Now, these details will be sent to that false number and you may use that number for the verification of your WhatsApp account.


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