How to use windows system restore

When we talk about system restore, the first question arises what it is?
Basically it’s a feature in Microsoft windows that brings or reverts computer state from current state to previous state where it was working fine
Computer state refers to system files, system settings, installed programs and windows registry
System restore won’t affect any of your documents, pictures or data
For This system creates a restore point, restore point is a time where the computer was working fine and when system restore takes place it bring the computer state to this point
So now let us tell you how to use it

How to Create a System restore point. [Optional]


First you need to create system restore point, generally windows automatically create a system restore point
So only create this when your computer is working fine and does not have any windows related problems.

1.) Click at start and look for “Computer” now right click on it and then select properties.

1 (2)
2.) Now properties window will open here click at “System protection” tab.
Now in system protection tab click at create (bottom right side).

2 (2)                                    3 (2)

3.) Now a tab window will open here enter a description for restore point and finally “click at create”.

4 (2)

Give a proper name and description to the restore point so that while using system restore you can know what programs and settings will be restored.


How to use system restore.

When you have a proper restore point using the system restore becomes effective. So follow the steps below to learn this method


1.) Click at start menu and in search box type “System Restore” and open it.


2.) Click at Next and select restore point that you created earlier and click next.

restore2                restore3

3.) Finally click at finish and system restore will start


Now wait till completion


*Do not cancel system restore one started.
*So not turn off your computer when restoring is in process

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