Asus TUF Gaming VG28U UHD review

Asus TUF Gaming VG28U UHD review

The top 4K gaming monitors are receiving unprecedented amounts of interest. One may tell from product announcements alone that many of the most recent models have screens between 27 and 32 inches. Although the cost of these high-end monitors has decreased over the past year, they will still take up a substantial portion of your money. Keep in mind that you’ll also need a video card to drive one. Although having a 144 Hz and Ultra HD monitor at your desk is fantastic, a high frame rate monitor will cost you almost as much.

We take a look at the 28-inch, 144 Hz, Adaptive-Sync, HDR, and extended color Asus TUF Gaming VG28U model. Every item in the TUF range is guaranteed to be strong and dependable, with excellent performance and good value. The VG28U, which retails for about $800, comes up to its moniker while providing exceptional HDR, color, and detail performance.

Asus TUF Gaming VG28U UHD review: Design and connectivity

The Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A has the appearance of a gaming monitor with its robust stand and simple base. Despite this, it doesn’t appear to be an obnoxiously overdesigned gaming display because it favors straightforward angles and sparingly uses geometric flourishes. The screen is 28 inches wide, has thin bezels on the sides and top, and a somewhat bigger bottom bezel with the Asus logo. The gadget ought to fit in seamlessly in a gaming den. However, the VG28UQL1A would also look great in a work or creative environment, especially as it is capable of handling a variety of graphic design tasks.

The ability to position the screen vertically on the VG28UQL1A is a feature that is really helpful. That’s great for productivity people, but switching back to gaming is not difficult at all. The screen may be adjusted 25 degrees back and forth, 30 degrees side to side, and five inches up and down. The VG28UQL1A should have a configuration for you, no matter your preferred style of play. You can buy this gaming monitor from its official website.

Asus TUF Gaming VG28U UHD review: Features

A feature-rich gaming display, the Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A is a great match for your new PS5 or Xbox Series X. Since it costs roughly $700, one should not reasonably anticipate anything less. It has AMD FreeSync and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility, 4K 144Hz support, four HDMI ports (two of which are HDMI 2.1 compliant), an excellent IPS panel, a ton of image enhancement features (including Dynamic, Dimming, ASCR, etc.), and a fully ergonomic design that quickly moves and swivels in pretty much any direction you want.

The Asus VG28UQL1A (VG28U moving forward) comes with HDR capability, but like all other gaming monitors, it’s not really that useful. It has DisplayHDR 400 certification, which indicates that its brightness is above 400 nits, but that is insufficient to take advantage of HDR.

Asus TUF Gaming VG28U UHD review: Performance

Although the IPS panel of the Asus TUF VG28UQL1A is quite good, it is not the greatest we’ve seen on the market. The panel can produce up to 90% of the DCI-P3 color gamut, although it falls just short of the desired level of color accuracy. Again, this is not to argue that the colors are subpar. In no way. The VG28U can generate a nearly flawless 6,500K color temperature and about 340 cd/m2 SDR brightness in the Racing color setting.

Additionally, the advertised 1000:1 contrast level is significantly exceeded, which is excellent for overall brightness and color accuracy. The TUF VG28UQL1A appears to be practically everything you’ve ever desired in a gaming monitor. The brightness is consistent throughout the screen, and the colors are generally well balanced across the spectrum.

Asus TUF Gaming VG28U UHD review: Image Quality

The HDR modes, Cinema, Gaming, and Console may all be found in the Image menu. When an HDR10 signal is found, they become visible. A zone dimming feature for the edge backlight is called dynamic dimming. It works well to broaden contrast without obliterating highlight or shadow detail and can be used with SDR and HDR video.

Three color temp settings and a user mode are available on the Color menu. I was able to calibrate quite precisely with it. Three gamma variants all measure accurately on the intended targets. In Cinema mode, you can choose to change the skin tone and color saturation. A variety of red and green aiming points in different shapes are available in the GamePlus menu along with countdown clocks, an FPS counter, display alignment markings for multi-monitor setups, and a sniper mode.

Asus TUF Gaming VG28U UHD review: Price and availability

In many aspects, the Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A is an excellent 4K gaming display. It has a clear, accurate image with superb motion clarity, strong contrast, and sharpness. Its sole flaw is homogeneity of illumination. The monitor’s $799 MSRP is also reasonably priced for a 4K HDMI 2.1 display.

There is only one issue. the opposition The Acer XV282K, Gigabyte M28U, Asus ROG Swift PG27UQ, and Samsung Odyssey G70A, to name a few, are just a handful of the many options available to gamers. Since these monitors frequently compare so favorably, the decision frequently comes down to cost. Given that each company’s 28-inch 4K HDMI 2.1 monitor costs $649.99, Gigabyte and Samsung have the advantage.

Asus TUF Gaming VG28U UHD review: Final words

Even while the Asus TUF Gaming VG28UQL1A isn’t the ideal gaming display, it comes dangerously close. A USB-C port would have been helpful, and the HDR brightness may use some improvement. These imperfections, however, hardly take away from a monitor that effortlessly brings demanding games to life.

I don’t think the Asus is superior to those two rivals in every regard, but the VG28UQL1A benchmarked similarly to the XV282K and the Inzone M9. You might as well look at all three if you’re going to look at one. However, there is no need to search any farther if you want a gaming display that practically gets everything perfect.

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