Reviews » Cooler Master CK720 review : a great pre-built keyboard

Cooler Master CK720 review : a great pre-built keyboard

Throwing its hat in the enthusiast ring

by Clinton Harding & Edmund Blake
4 minutes read
Cooler Master CK720 review

They have been but progress has been gradual, with Razer releasing its Razer PBT keycap upgrade sets and coiled wires back in 2020, Roccat just bringing out the first keyboard in its popular Vulcan line with removable keycaps in 2022, and HyperX only debuting its personalized keycaps this year. Roccat and HyperX are all companies that produce keyboards. Fortunately, some of the top gaming keyboard brands are beginning to pick up the pace, especially with the debut of the Cooler Master CK720, which is CM’s first foray into the hot-swappable, mod-friendly enthusiast keyboard game.

The CK720 is CM’s first foray into the hot-swappable, mod-friendly enthusiast keyboard game. It is not the first one to reach the shelves; the Corsair K70 Pro Mini Wireless arrived on store shelves a few months before this one did. Nevertheless, it is a promising early try, and it makes me look forward to what is to come in the future. In addition to this, we believe that it is one of the greatest mechanical keyboards available on the market for novices who are interested in keyboard modding.

Cooler Master CK720 Specificatios

Keyboard TypeMechanical
Key SwitchesCherry MX (Red/Blue/Brown)
ConnectivityWired (USB Type-C)
N-Key RolloverYes
Multimedia KeysYes
Macro SupportYes
Cable Length1.8 meters
Dimensions440mm x 140mm x 40mm
Weight910 grams

Cooler Master CK720: Design

Cooler Master CK720 review

The CK720 is a 65% keyboard that manages to be both sleek and sturdy. It’s not exactly a slim keyboard, coming in at around 2 pounds. However, we believe that contributes to a quality that will last for a long time.

Since Cooler Master wants its customers to be able to modify the keyboard to their liking, it has included a metal top plate that can be removed. If you don’t like the standard black color of the top plates, Cooler Master claims they will be providing more options. You may access the workings underneath by pulling a lever on the side. You can buy this keyboard from its official website

Typing Experience

Over the past few years, manufacturers have often fallen behind hobbyist keyboards in the same price range. The CK720 checks nearly all the necessary boxes for a pre-built board. The factory lubing of the switches and stabilizers by Cooler Master is top notch, so typing on it is a pleasure. The spacebar in particular barely rattles and the switches barely jiggle.

It’s a pleasure to type on the Kailh Box V2’s switches. We were provided with a Brown switch keyboard and a Red switch keyboard for evaluation. Each stroke of both switches felt the same, which is a credit to the improved quality of factory lubing in recent years.

Cooler Master CK720: Performance

Cooler Master CK720 review

The Kailh Box V2 switches come with the CK720. My review unit has the touch ones, but it also has eight Cherry MX Green switches that click very hard. As we have said in other reviews, we prefer linear switches (especially for games), but if the performance is good enough, I can be persuaded to use tactile switches.

We have complained about how some keyboards sound, and it looks like Cooler Master agrees with me. The CK720 has two different silicone pads that muffle the sound and take up the force of the keystrokes.

Price & availability

The price of the Cooler Master CK720 is about the same as that of other hobbyist mechanical keyboards in its class. It will cost you $115.99, which is more than most people would pay for a keyboard but about what most keyboard fans would spend on a new keyboard to add to their collection.

But in the world of the best mini game keyboards, it’s actually cheaper than the rest. For example, the wireless Razer BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed costs an eye-popping $199.99, £189.99, or AU$329.95, while the wired Roccat Vulcan II Mini costs $149.99, £129.99, or AU$259.95.

Final Words

Overall, the Cooler Master CK720 is a great pre-built keyboard that can easily compete with some entry-level hobbyist keyboards. It costs RM299 in Malaysia and has everything a beginner in this sport would need, plus a few extras if you want to change it to make it your own. Cooler Master clearly listened to the keyboard enthusiasts, and the CK720 could give them a run for their money.

Cooler Master CK720 review: The good and The bad

The Good

  1. Includes volume dial
  2. Great gaming performance

The Bad

  1. Pretty chunky design


Are Cooler Master keyboards hot-swappable?

Plus, you can change them on the fly, so you can use all your favorite switches.

Is the Cooler Master CK721 hot swap?

Dexerto Cooler Master’s CK721 uses TTC switches that can’t be switched on the fly.

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