Golf GPS watch buyers guide 2016

Golf GPS watch buyers guide

Which GPS Watch is best for you?

GPS watches are the most recent innovation in distance finding gadgets, combining style and performance with convenience. They may inform time, automatically recognize the course and provide you with the distances to the front, center and back of the greens and extra. Golf GPS watches have gotten more and more popular in the year 2015. The first golf GPS watch was the Garmin S1 Approach and quickly turn into one of many top-selling products in the world of golf sat navs.

Listed here are some features to look for when comparing GPS watches:

  • Weight and color
  • Battery life
  • Variety of pre-loaded courses and access to download more
  • Additional features, like an odometer
  • PC/Software compatibility

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List Of  And Features


Device accuracy is without doubt one of the most important features of a GPS device. It has to be correct in that it will probably choose up satellite information to determine the current location. It additionally has to make sure data on the course is accurately mapped.


The show should be easy to read with different figures in opposition to the background. It should be vivid enough to learn even in direct daylight, and the colors ought to be vibrant.


Most golf GPS units are sufficiently small to fit in a pocket or clip on a hat. Regardless that they’re bigger, by comparison, the very best handheld GPS units are highly efficient however nonetheless sufficiently small to fit in a pocket like a smartphone would. All devices ought to be mild enough to hold round easily with practical dimensions.

Shot measurement.

Nearly all watches available on the market come with this feature however you might come across the odd watch that doesn’t have the flexibility to measure shot distance.

Colour screen.

If you need a device with a color display, you will need to buy one of the increased priced golf GPS watches on the market just like the Garmin Approach S6.

Battery charge.

How many rounds are you able to play on one charge? This may decide which watch you finally buy as not all batteries are created equal.

Ability to input hazards that are not already mapped.

Some of the mid-higher spec golf watches allow you to customized your golf course maps by including options that don’t come pre-installed on their databases.

Ability to move the pin location on the green view.

This feature is out there on one or two of the higher priced golf watches available on the market.

Some Common Questions

Does the watch show hazards and doglegs?

That is a feature most GPS watches have however some have more details than others.

Does the watch have a touchscreen?

Touchscreen watches are additionally on the higher value range and may sometimes be a little complicated to make use of. Some golfers discover they need to swipe the screens greater than as soon as to get a particular feature to work.

Is it easy to use?

A GPS golf watch is usually a lot simpler piece of kit to make use of in comparison to a handheld rangefinder. The general rule, if you’re concerned about this, is the cheaper watch tends to be the fewer features they’ve and the easier they’re to use.

How many courses are available and are they pre-installed?

The times of hidden subscription fees and paying for upgrades are, thankfully, a thing of the past. If you’re the type of golfer, who plays many new courses 12 months you might need to investigate what number of programs come pre-installed on the selective golf GPS; although most of the modern devices have most courses covered.

Does the watch have courses from multiple countries?

Some watches may have this covered if worldwide programs are one of your needs and requirements.

How do you upgrade the firmware and course information?

Most watches are pretty easy to improve or a link to a computer or laptop.

Can the watch keep scores?

Some golf watches will maintain the score for you at differing levels of ease. If this feature is a will need to have for you then you possibly can expect to a little more of money than a basic model.


We’ve conducted the thorough analysis and research on these golf GPS devices so as to make the very best buying guide. We judge the ease of use, initial setup, lots of course coverage, accuracy, cost and more. When considering the golf GPS unit, the player ought to pay attention to an important feature of the unit earlier than making the decision. This guide compares various features to be able to narrow down the best golf GPS in your particular needs. You may also like our The Golf GPS Watches list.


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