Levoit Core 300 review

Levoit Core 300 review

A company that frequently introduces advancements to the market is Levoit. They produce a variety of air purifiers, from simple to sophisticated. We will test the Levoit Core 300, a stylish, simple-to-use, and incredibly effective air purifier, in this review. First off, I want to point out that this air purifier is lacking in advanced features like an air quality sensor and a way to link to a smart smartphone. However, the Core 300 comes with built-in features for a timer, a display lock, and sleep mode that are just right for smooth everyday use.

A strong air purifier with an enhanced filtration mechanism, the Levoit Core 300 is designed for spaces up to 219 square feet. It eliminates 99.97% of airborne particles larger than 0.3 microns by using a True HEPA filter. With this True HEPA air purifier, pollen, dust, pet hair, pet dander, and unpleasant odors can be readily eliminated. The Levoit Core 300 may perform admirably even in slightly bigger spaces than indicated because of the strong motor and VortexAir Technology.

Levoit Core 300 review: Design

The Levoit Core 300 has a sleek, chic, and somewhat adorable appearance. It features an airy look that is pleasing to the eye with its airplane turbine top and mesh bottom. The design is quite straightforward; it accomplishes its task without seeming unduly intimidating or presumptive. Put it in a corner and watch it disappear into the background. With a weight of about 7.5 pounds and a height of just 14 inches, it is undoubtedly compact and lightweight. There aren’t many bells and whistles in that little box, however; many often found functions, such as auto mode or smart connectivity, are absent.

It’s important to point out that it is reasonably priced, so you effectively get what you pay for. Three distinct fan speeds are available for this air purifier, which is incredibly few. It doesn’t have an auto mode, but it does include a night mode that reduces the fan’s noise and a button that disables its blinking lights. A helpful timer that can be set for two, four, six, or eight hours is also included. Just bear in mind that, unlike some other air purifiers, it won’t change its effectiveness in response to the air’s composition. Another drawback for some people is that it won’t link to any smart home appliances. You can buy this air purifier from its official website

Levoit Core 300 review: Ease of use

The Levoit Core 300 is fairly simple to set up right out of the box. Simply unscrew the base’s cover from the filters’ plastic bag to remove it. Reinstall the cover after that, and you should be ready to go. It’s crucial to remember that even if you neglect to do this, plugged-in devices will still turn on and operate. Don’t skip this step because it won’t benefit your air quality or the air purifier much.

Along with a full manual that provides a more in-depth overview of what the device can do, this air purifier also includes a quick starting guide that provides you with all the information you need to get going. The manual is only available in English. With only one button to press, the Levoit Core 300 is very simple to use and operate. Since it may fit in smaller cupboards or beneath the bed, storing it is much more straightforward. It’s also simple to replace out the filters; all you have to do is open the device.

Levoit Core 300 review: Performance

The H13 True HEPA filter, ultra-fine pre-filter, and activated carbon filter all work in concert with the Levoit Core 300 air purifier to capture particles, pollutants, and allergies in the air. Due to the absence of UV/Ion light cleaning, it also makes the claim that it is 100% “Ozone free.” While in use, we found that it significantly decreased factors like food odours and, while not completely silent, the slight quantity of white noise the cleaner produced was never loud enough to be disruptive.

Although we only utilized the original filter when evaluating the product, one of the key features of the Levoit air purifier is the option to select from a variety of filters, each of which addresses a particular requirement. Do you need to clean the environment of pet hair that causes allergies? or prevent the negative effects of bacteria and mold on your health? For that, there are options.

Levoit Core 300 review: Price and availability

When compared to the more expensive Medify MA-25, which achieved 43 minutes and performed far better than the Dyson HP04, which had many extra functions but was close to $800, this device compares very favorably. It’s difficult to find fault with the Levoit Core 300 when weighing cleaning performance against cost.

It’s challenging to suggest the improved but more expensive Levoit Core 300S based on what we observed throughout testing. The Core 300 tested well in terms of noise levels. We made a video of the various speed models because we are aware of how subjective sound can be. Watch it to hear for yourself:

Levoit Core 300 review: Verdict

Any consumer on a budget should consider the Levoit Core 300. It has outstanding ratings across the board and is far more affordable than versions with comparable performance. It is ideal for little apartments or offices because of its modest footprint and lack of space requirements. The loudness of this item when in operation is our main complaint.

Although it is less expensive, it lacks some of the bells and whistles that the top air purifiers offer, such as an automated air sensor; nonetheless, you may be more than prepared to accept this trade-off. This air purifier will more than satisfy your needs if you’re looking for a high-performing, superbly priced choice for a small room.

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