Reviews » Microsoft Modern Webcam review: great built quality

Microsoft Modern Webcam review: great built quality

The Microsoft Modern Webcam, however compact, can't beat the sub-£100 competition.

by Charles Anders & Clinton Harding
4 minutes read
Microsoft Modern Webcam review

The market for webcams had reached something of a plateau and was mostly unmoved by the rise of the work-from-home model. In 2020, despite being almost a decade old, the Logitech C920 was still the best webcam that could be purchased for a moderate amount of money. Since the pandemic, many companies have introduced new webcams in an effort to meet the growing demand around the world. However, despite the fact that we have seen competitors from brands such as Dell and Elgato unseat premium giants such as the Logitech Brio 4K from their thrones.

we have not yet seen a definitive improvement on the Logitech C920. The Microsoft Modern Webcam was not available until recently, when it was finally released. Even though it follows the same naming pattern as Microsoft’s most recent keyboards and mouse, the name itself gives the impression that it is making fun of Logitech in some way. This 1080p @ 30 fps camera costs $70, has HDR and a field of vision of 78 degrees, and does all of the same functions as the C920. However, as a result of recent technological advancements, it performs these functions more effectively and at a lower cost.

Microsoft Modern Webcam Specifications

Resolution1080p Full HD
Frame Rate30 frames per second
Field of View78 degrees
Built-in MicYes
Privacy ShutterYes
CompatibilityWindows 10, macOS, Linux, Android
ConnectionUSB Type-C

Microsoft Modern Webcam: Design

Microsoft Modern Webcam review

Glass, copper, plastic, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), and rubber are some of the components that make up the exterior of the camera. This combination lends the camera a sophisticated and up-to-date appearance; yet, my initial impression was that the camera was more frail and poorly constructed than those of some of its rivals. This is most likely because the camera is constructed almost entirely of plastic, which is not as long-lasting as metal or some of the other materials that can be used. Again due to the lightness of the device, which can cause it to wobble ever so little on top of the monitor, the mount doesn’t always feel like it’s able to secure the camera to the screen in such a manner that it feels like it’s doing its job well. You can buy this webcam from its official website

Microsoft Modern Webcam: Well-Lit Room

At midday, with what we consider to be optimal lighting (my lamp on to my right and light flowing in from the window to my left), the Microsoft Modern Webcam delivered vivid colors and sharp details. However, the Logitech C920’s image is rather fuzzy and has an artificially chilly hue. Images captured with a Microsoft camera also include a richer, more vibrant backdrop.

Microsoft Modern Webcam: Performance

Microsoft Modern Webcam review

The Microsoft Contemporary Webcam, which we put to use on the OnMSFT Podcast, which happens to be recorded using Microsoft’s own Teams and Skype. The 54-minute episode is up there if you’re interested. We think the quality is really good all around. The quality difference between this episode and the one where we used my Logitech C920 Pro webcam is not huge.

Both webcams have a resolution of 1080p, and we experienced no flickering or fading in either one. The exposure and white balance are also consistent throughout. The 78-degree field of view offered by both webcams was similarly irrelevant to me when recording the show because both Teams and Skype cropped out half of my frame. However, the Logitech features dual microphones, but the Microsoft has only one, which is clearly inferior to a dedicated microphone.

Price and availability

The Microsoft Modern Webcam has a suggested retail price of $70 and can be purchased from the Microsoft Store. Regardless of its flaws, the webcam is a fantastic buy at its current price of $55. It’s available on Amazon, albeit the price goes up and down, usually hovering around the $70 mark.

Final Words

When looking for a portable and user-friendly webcam, the Microsoft Modern Webcam is a solid option. The camera’s compact profile and adjustable mount make it a top pick for users with restricted workspaces or frequent camera-positioning needs. However, Windows Hello isn’t supported, and the camera’s range of view is limited. Because of this, it is less adaptable than competing cameras, and its video quality isn’t quite as good as that of the NexiGo Hellocam.

Microsoft Modern Webcam review: The good and The bad

The Good

  1. Sliding Cover
  2. Inexpensive

The Bad

  1. No swivel or rotation


Does Microsoft modern webcam work with zoom?

Microsoft Modern Webcam with Built-in Noise-Canceling Microphone, Integrated Privacy Shutter, Video with HDR, Auto-Focus, Light Correction, USB Connectivity, Approved for Teams and Zoom.

Does the Microsoft LifeCam have a microphone?

With ClearFrame image processing technology, the LifeCam Cinema full-featured webcam gives you smooth, clear video and sounds. Digital, noise-cancelling microphone helps improve speech quality.

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