Nocs NS500 Review

Nocs NS500

Nocs NS500 Review: In case you have never heard of Nocs, it is a fairly Swedish firm that makes a growing line of earphones, headphones. The earphones reviewed here, the Nocs NS500, is a mid-range model.

The one feature bonus here is the integrated inline remote and microphone and you will notice that the Nocs NS500 packaging is stamped with the Made for iPhone, iPod, and iPad icons. Which means the remote is designed to work with iOS units.

Apple earbuds are still the plasticky white item, then we expect the Nocs NS500 In-Ear Headphones might be your a lot needed to relieve for the awful mismatch. It’s intentionally provided in a selection of colors, together with space grey, gold, and silver/white to better match your iPhone and iPad.

Nocs NS500: Design

Nocs NS500
Nocs NS500 Design

Each earbud is fitted with a custom 8 mm dynamic driver with titanium coated diaphragm that promised to deliver pristine highs, well-tuned mids and natural bass for the Best possible listening experience. finally, a 1.2-meter Kevlar-Reinforced cable, wrapped in noise-isolating silicon sleeves and punctuated by a three-button remote for taking phone calls and music control, completes the bundle.

Nocs NS500: Performance

Nocs NS500
Nocs NS500 Performance

Not only are the Nocs NS500 aesthetically pleasing, but additionally they provide very pleasing sound for their worth. They are nicely balanced with the good clarity and ample but not overdriven bass. Like lots of different earphones and headphones that provide a flatter, natural sound, they are designed to work effectively with all types of music.

They fit in your ears so snuggly that they block the world out. The sound quality is great, they’re a joy to use. You like the choice of rubber ear pieces that come with them for different sized ears.

Nocs NS500: Verdict

Nocs NS500
Nocs NS500 Verdict

Overall, the Nocs NS500 is a solid set of earbuds for the money. This model provides sound that is good and comfortable to wear.

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