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Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 Review

by Sumit Chauhan
2 minutes read
Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3

If you are wanting of a completely different and ergonomically-improved mouse, the Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 mouse is like a pen, with the advantages of increased comfort and reduced strain. Penclic has engineered a nice mixture of mouse and pen. They have definitely worth looking into.

The Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 is Penclic response to a growing line-up of ergonomic merchandise. With products which are constantly evolving within the computer accessory space, Penclic answered the wants of consumers by creating a mouse ideal for left- and right-handed users. The new symmetrical design brings the Penclic experience to a universal audience and mirrors the functionality and design of its award-winning predecessor, the Bluetooth Mouse B2.

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3: Design

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 Design

The Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 has 4 buttons with the scroll wheel. To use it you hold it like a pen and slide the whole thing around the mousepad. On lower DPI settings this implies moving the pen in quite large moments with your whole arm usually moving and on higher settings the motion is mainly within the wrist and hand.

So why the odd design? Penclic say the design is more ergonomic and more natural. Rather than having your hand flat and moving around in a single plane the pen design lets you’ve your hand in very near what would be a natural rest position and move the cursor with smaller movements.

Excluding gaming in short if you’re utilizing the Penclic for longer durations I found it superior to a regular mouse design but if you’re typing then moving hand to the mouse, moving the cursor after which back to the keyboard a standard mouse is simpler. It takes a little longer to hold and get seated in your hand which can add up significantly over a few hours work.

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3: Performance

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 Performance

As long as you do not want a mouse with more than the standard set of buttons, the Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 will get the job done. The optical sensor is good and tracks accurately. Even the slightest nudge registers as movement. The Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 mouse performs nicely across all non-reflective surfaces. I have performed around on tile, wood, stone, tables, floors, walls, and more. It does fare higher when there are subtle patterns or grain for it to pick up on.

While paired with a PC, you can change general mouse settings for operation. However, many of us personal smartphones and tablets which do double or triple duty. Thesensitivity switch on the bottom of the Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 greatly reins within the mouse movement while you are working on a smaller-screened device. It is a 3-position switch, and the re’s no mistaking the speeds that come from every of the sensitivity levels.

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3: Verdict

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3

Penclic Bluetooth Mouse B3 Verdict

The proper position of your hand on the Penclic Mouse creates a relaxed working posture to secure your strength. It permits your forearm to rest on the work surface. You’ll be able to move the mouse cursor all over the pc screen quickly and successfully.

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