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Windows 10 Review

What is Windows 10?

Windows 10 is an operating system from Microsoft for desktop, laptops, tablets, servers, smartphones, and different connected units. The operating system was formally introduced on Sep 30, 2014, in San Francisco with Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore and Terry Myerson. It was launched worldwide on July 29, 2015.

Windows 10 is unique and whereas it may seem like the desktop you grew up with, it’s much more flexible than something Microsoft has ever constructed; it is an operating system that runs on everything, from your desktop to a smartphone and even the Xbox One. When Microsoft says that they’re now utilizing one operating system on all of their units, they mean it. The core of the operating system is now a nimble gazelle that may be applied to any type of modern computing device and the advantages of this are profound for not only the buyer but Microsoft as nicely.

What Microsoft has carried out with this operating system is eliminated all of the things users disliked about Windows 8, repackaged the nice features with new mechanics, added a major variety of new features, revamped the user interface, sprinkled on a little bit of Windows 7 and then piloted this operating system with users through the Insider program that has surpassed 5 million users. The results of this work are Windows 10, a brand new operating system that seems like yesterday but operates like tomorrow.

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Getting Windows 10

Windows 10

As everyone knows very well that this is the last version of the windows by Microsoft and this package deal of window 10 is now full of numerous features that other operating system may not provide till yet. So it is time to use the most amazing and the newest version of Windows in your PC. So here is a complete step by step solution of How to upgrade your window 7/ 8 /8.1 in window 10.

Windows 10: Start Menu

Windows 10

The new Start Menu on Windows 10 is missing quite a number of options over the Start Screen on Windows 8.1. Microsoft has eliminated the gestures that allowed users to disclose the all applications section. On Windows 8/8.1, you would be capable of reveal the all applications part by swiping up from the bottom. However, on Windows 10, the one method to reveal is it to click on the hamburger icon on the top left-hand side of the Start Menu or the all apps icon on the bottom left-hand side of the Start Menu. This will not be an enormous deal to some users, but to me, it is a main feature that Microsoft actually should have added. Being able to open the all applications section with a swipe was one of many options that I really liked on Windows 8 and similar to most users, I will be missing that characteristic lots. But hey, the new Start Menu is good on Windows 10 – which is an effective thing since most users are on the desktop PC’s.

Overall, the Start Menu on Windows 10 is fairly nice. It is familiar for Windows 7 and Windows XP users and offers an excellent and improved user experience for those users. However, when you are upgrading from Windows 8 and use the tablet, you will not be impressed by the usability of the Start Screen. It is a few good customization options, permitting users to make it extra personal. I am a big fan of the new Start Menu, and most Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows XP should be happy with the brand new Windows 10 Start Menu as nicely.

Windows 10: Task View

Windows 10

One of the most requested features in previous Windows versions, already out there in non-Windows OS, similar to Ubuntu, is multiple desktops, which permits users to work and manage running applications in a simpler manner.

Task View is finally carried out in Windows 10 and it may be simply accessed from the taskbar with only a single click on, but keyboard shortcuts to jump from one desktop to another are additionally being provided.

Microsoft describes this feature as an improved Alt + Tab app switcher, but it is surely much more than that. You may organize desktops depending on the kind of applications you launch, so you will all the time know where some specific applications are operating.

Task View allows you to use a single taskbar across all desktops and view all running applications in a single place, but there are additionally options to have a clean taskbar for every individual desktop.

Windows 10: Notification center

Windows 10

Another feature that is borrowed from Windows Cellphone is the notification center, which teams all alerts messages and notifications in a single place. You may thus manage them far more simply than before, with Microsoft planning quite a lot of different features, together with a quick reply for messages and other actions that may be performed on notifications.

This feature comes with the same transparency impact as the rest of the OS and matches the system colour, so it perfectly blends with the desktop.

Touch support is also offered in case you utilize Windows 10 on a tablet, but you may also clear notifications, either all at a time or one after the other, with a mouse.

Windows 10: Microsoft Edge

Windows 10

If, you stopped utilizing Internet Explorer years ago, Microsoft new web browser Microsoft Edge, is a revelation. It feels extra just like the Google Chrome browser, with a lightweight, stripped-back user interface and an easy set of tools along the top, under the search.

For instance, “favorites” lets you bookmark a page and cache it for studying offline, “web note” helps you to annotate live pages after which save a screenshot of the web page, and “share web page” permits you to send a link to friends via e-mail or social network.

Read mode is also be nice for individuals who wish to read lengthy articles on-line, permitting you to strip out all of the sidebars and ads, links and pop-ups, and scroll through a single column of photos and text. You may not use it on each web page, and you still have to return to the standard format in order to navigate, but it is a very nice user-friendly feature.

If you need extra sophisticated features, you might wish to download one of the extra heavyweight browsers, or stick with Internet Explorer, which additionally comes pre-loaded on Windows 10. However for individuals who simply need to browse the web – news websites, social networks, video streaming services and the like Edge does an incredible job.

Windows 10: Cortana

Windows 10

Microsoft’s personal digital assistant debuted in Windows Phone 8.1 to nice acclaim for 2 reasons: She is superior in some ways to each Google Now and Siri and she has a fun attitude. With Windows 10, Cortana comes to the masses & gets some prime real estate on the taskbar, changing the Start search function from earlier versions whereas working constantly with your expectations and significantly improving the performance. Cortana keeps a notebook of your pursuits, offers your everyday schedule at a look, and even offers comedic relief. And you may configure Cortana to answer your voice: just say “Hey, Cortana” and get busy. You would not believe how neat this feature is.

Windows 10: Store

Windows 10

Similar to Windows 8, the newest version of Windows includes a new Store. The new Store on Windows 10 is nothing just like the outdated Windows 8 store. It is mostly better than the outdated Store, however, it is not good yet.

The new Store on Windows 10 features a new design, a better search, and one for the Best thing about it? It is unified.

The Windows 10 Store contains 4 sections – Home, Apps, Games, Music and Movies and TV. The Home page exhibits all the popular applications and games and beneficial applications. The homepage of the Store is ideal all the things you need is the re. From the top, free applications to the top paid games, and all the things else you may be interested in is the re.

While you head over to the Applications page, you will be introduced with a handful of applications. At the prime, you will see a slider with all the favored applications – offered in an attractive user interface. Following the slider, there is the recommended applications section aka Applications that Microsoft has picked for you — that is really smart thinking by Microsoft, the corporate is showing the applications that you might be all for rather than displaying the top apps – which does indeed enhance the user experience.

Similar to the homepage of the Store, the Apps page then exhibits the top apps, rated apps, app categories, and so forth. Transferring onto the Games page, it is the identical case here the picks for you recommendation are not excellent but to be sincere, recommending games utilizing algorithms is a bit hard — so I do not actually mind if the suggestions are not proper right here.

Nonetheless, the new Store is undoubtedly higher than the previous Windows Store.

Windows 10: Snap Assist

Windows 10

One other useful feature that we preferred in Windows 10 is Snap Assist. Windows 10 has had the aptitude to place completely different app windows next to each other for a while now. With the new OS, Microsoft is taking it to the next stage.

The new Snap Assist feature permits users to tile up to 4 apps side by side. To do this out, drag a window to any nook of the display screen. When you still need only 2 apps to be placed side by side, drag each window to opposite edges of the display.

Windows 10: Continuum

Windows 10

Windows 8 weird mobile/desktop dichotomy did result in one actually interesting advance in PC design within the rise of 2 in 1 like Microsoft Surface tablet. But in Windows 10, Microsoft has finally made the software facet of this equation and thus the units that may use it make sense. That’s when you  are using a 2 in 1 with a keyboard connected, Windows will have a look at work very similar to any other PC. But if you detach the keyboard, it may be configured to automatically swap into Tablet mode, where all apps together with desktop applications run full screen and the system is otherwise optimized for touch. Reattach the keyboard and it may return to regular mode. Like most Windows 10 advances, this behavior is totally configurable, and you may in fact manually enter and exit tablet mode at any time, your selection. Continuum, as this functionality is known as, is not just about keyboards—it works with foldable/transforming PCs like Lenovo Yoga and HP Spectre x360 too—however you get the concept. And it’ll quickly transform a new era of Windows phones a story for a later day into fully functioning PC when docked. This can be a real innovation.

Windows 10: Security

Windows 10

Security is among the headline options within the new OS. While a big chunk of security features – similar to Passport and Device Guard – are designed for business and enterprise users, a couple will come in handy at home as nicely.

Windows Hello is a new safety feature that permits you to sign into your PC without typing in your password. Utilizing your computer built-in camera, the system will be capable of detecting if it is actually you trying to sign in or someone else. It can additionally allow you to in utilizing a fingerprint or iris scan.

The feature requires specialized hardware, for instance, Intel’s depth sensing RealSense 3D Camera, which is not out there on many computers yet, and a Trusted Platform Module chip on the motherboard.

Apart from that, a number of built-in options have their own security layers. Microsoft Edge, for instance, features a feature known as SmartScreen that may detect and block access to malicious websites.

Windows 10: Key features

There are, of course, many different features in Windows 10, like the power to run a number of “desktops” side by side, which is the virtual equal of having multiple PC screens with totally different apps open on every screen. It is quite a nice feature, however, one that some individuals will no doubt find helpful. You may also “snap” applications that are open to different corners of the display to make them simpler to view.

Microsoft has additionally completely revamped its entertainment offering, replacing Windows Media Center with modified variations of Xbox Music and Xbox Video, which have been renamed as ‘Groove’ and ‘Movies and TV’ respectively, and a built-in Xbox app, that provides a unified view of your games, the activity of your pals, and your individual gaming activities.

These all really feel far more slick and fashionable than the clunky outdated Home windows Media Heart app, which was basically constructed for offline media consumption. You’ll be able to stream and obtain music and movies and import your individual collections to make all of your music accessible in a single place. In fact when you use third occasion streaming apps like Spotify or Netflix, these should be downloaded individually.

Windows 10: Other stuff

There are many other parts which are moving ahead. As an example, the brand new OS supports DirectX 12, which ought to please gamers. The most recent version of Microsoft’s API to utilize your system’s graphics card and processor holds the potential to considerably enhance how video games carry out. The re’s no recreation that helps DirectX 12 as of now, but there might be by the end of 2020.

Speaking of gaming, Xbox One users will be capable of mirroring their games onto their PCs utilizing the Xbox app. You may find extra details about that here.

Windows 10 additionally comes with a tool that may allow you to record your on-screen activities. It is a helpful feature that might help lots of people make videos without having a 3rd-party application.

Windows 10: Verdict

Windows 10

The operating system is free when you have a Windows 7 or 8 license, and the re’s a very small learning curve to Windows 10. As a result of the Start menu operates so much like Windows 7, those users can have no problem making the transition and for these presently running Windows 8, you get all of the features that ought to have arrived for that platform.

Windows 10: Pros And Cons


  • Return of the Start menu
  • A massively improved user interface
  • Up-to-date Security
  • Unified Development
  • Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana
  • Encrypt corporate apps, emails and data
  • It’s free when you have a Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 genuine license


  • Botched Updates
  • Reduced Flexibility
  • Hardware incompatibility


More to the point, Windows 10 is superior to each Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and its user experience works as nicely or higher on the different Windows device.

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