5 Best 3D Printing Pen You Can Buy Right Now

5 Best 3D Printing Pen You Can Buy Right Now

Best 3D Printing Pen You Can Buy Right Now – In case you have not heard of a 3D pen, it’s based on the same concept that we’re used to seeing in the 3D printers, however, unlike large 3D printers, the 3D pens are more suited for smaller jobs. Now many people may consider these 3D pens a gimmick, but when you take a closer look at just how popular there and check out some of the brilliantly created sculptures using 3D pens, you’ll realize just how good they’re at the job they do.

So check out our list of 5 Best 3D Printing Pen You Can Buy Right Now below and let us know what do you think about our list in the comment section below. 🙂

Best 3D Printing Pen You Can Buy Right Now – List

Lix 3D Pen

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The first 3D pen we’re looking at is called merely the Lix 3D Pen, and while the name may seem like a bore to a lot of folks, the nice surprise here’s that Lix managed to create the smallest and most compact 3D pen which is available to buy. The Best thing is that the Lix 3D pen appears to be somewhat robust as far as the build quality is concerned, and that is not all, it also happens to be aesthetically pleasing. The pen is available in the matte black, and matte grey colors, and both have a striking approach against modern 3D pens.


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The name is not something that you get to hear a lot, but it is a quick way of naming a 3D pen. Now you need to keep in mind this is one of those 3D pens that were released before the small form issue tech went mainstream, so you may find it pretty necessary and barebones as compared with some of the competition. When comes to the 3Doodler, the build quality is straightforward to look at; sure the pen is mostly made out of plastic, but the good thing is that the plastic isn’t some cheap material, and feels pretty solid.  It’s a little bit heavy at 130 grams, but the added heft gives it an overall solid feel and will give you a peace of mind that you won’t end up breaking it.

7 TECH 3D Printing Pen

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The next 3D pen in our list is 7TECH 3D Printing Pen. Even going by the look of it, it’s easy to say that the pen was designed giving top priority to user-friendliness. First off, we’ve to admit that the 7TECH 3D Printing Pen includes a lot of updated features for a pen of its type. E.g., Thermal control feature is much better than what you’ll find in the other 3D pens. And the pen notifies users when the plastic filament gets stuck inside. If you don’t like the concept of super-slow or super-fast extrusion feature of 3D pens, then you will undoubtedly fall in love with this one as it allows you to adjust the extrusion at your favored levels, no matter how fast or slow you want it to be.

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CCbetter Intelligent Pen

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When it comes to performance & features, then this pen has all the elements that any 3D pen lover would see for in a top 3D pen. The pen is packed in a relatively skinny box that is only as big as a smartphone box. In the box, the re’s the regular power brick with the two packed filaments. Going by user-friendliness and performance, we’d say the pen is suitable for the beginners and the regular users alike. We examined drawing on a range of surfaces, and the pen performed exceptionally well in all of them. It also adds an OLED which has something like a status indicator to alert a user when the filament gets heated up and is ready for drawing. It’s sure a fierce competitor to all the other 3D pens on the market.

Sunlu SL 400

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For starters, the build quality is mostly plastic, and to be honest, if you factor in the price of this pen, you’ll really complain. The good news here’s that despite being plastic, the build quality is still high enough, and another good thing is that the pen is available in a variety of different colors including a color that happens to be transparent. As for the design, it has taken a cue from some of the most conventional 3D pens that are available in the market, and thus manages to look rather good instead of looking ridiculous.

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