Best game hacking apps for Android

Best game hacking apps for Android: The most average user thinks to hack, and pen testing could be done only on the desktop. But today’s smartphones are the best toolkit for hacking. Playing games on your smartphone is an excellent pass time activity for many youths across the globe. However, most video games now have annoying features that suck the fun out of the endeavor and makes playing them a tasking activity.

Today’s period when people have become so smart and tech-savvy, it’s difficult to hear that people still don’t have a smartphone and most of them use it for playing games. People like playing video games on their smartphones, and the best part is that they play it with full of dedication and excitement.

Best game hacking apps for Android


Xmodgames is one of the best apps for hacking games, modern games to be precise. The game runs only on rooted Android devices. The  Xmodgames is known for tweaking games like Pokemon Go, Clash of Kings,  Clash of Clans, Subway Surfer, Clash Royale, Minecraft PE, etc. The Application is designed to be cooperative with everyone that’s why it supports multiple languages like English, Spanish, Russian, and Portuguese.


Another best android game and memory editors hacking app to date. It allows what you would expect from a good value scanner, plus a lot of additional features, such as scanning for unknown values and speed hacks. It is relatively easy to use and completely free.  If you are searching for anything that comes close to a Cheat Engine for Android devices and emulators, then this is the best app for you.

Game Hacker

It’s another game hacker app to modify a value; It designated on display numerically as a power bar. It will allow you to cheat on multiple games. First of all, open the game and get an accurate score. Then, you need to open this app within the game and enter your score. In a few seconds, you will find your score number in the search result, and of course, you can change it as well.


The Creehack Apk allows you to play all the games on your Rooted Android device. It won’t only allow you to play your game with every feature without paying, but also will give you token money and lots of coins for that and The Best part of this app is you will enjoy your game with all the features for which you have to pay for.

Leo play Card

It is very similar to Creehack App. It will also give a better experience for playing an Android video game for free. It is very similar to Creehack. It will also provide a better experience for playing an Android video game for free.

Best Hacking Apps for iOS and iPhone

SB Game Hacker

An excellent and reliable game hacking tool for android that is very easy to use. Not quite sophisticated sufficient to get the number one spot, but one of the top cheating apps right now. First, this was published in Mandarin (Chinese) but has been translated into English as well. It runs a lot more reliable and is a lot faster than other memory editors.

Lucky Patcher

It is my favorite tool, and the best alternative to the game killer app for hacking an offline game, this tool not only for the hacking game but also Lucky Patcher is a popular Android app to remove ads, bypass premium applications license,  modify Permissions, etc. The procedure of its use is so easy because of the simple interface, everyone who has not enough knowledge quickly can hack the game and other stuff too.

AppCIH and GameCIH

AppCIH and GameCIH is a developer app offered by AppCIH and GameCIH. With over millions download on play store and positive reviews, this game hacker app is a complete beast. This app allows you to view and edit your apps shared preference, SQLite database, and data/data folder files with ease.

These are the best game hacking apps for Android which will help you to a mod or hack any android game for free. Even if you are a pro player, you might want to use some cheats or hacks.