Best Linux and Windows IRC clients

Best Linux and Windows IRC clients

In this article, we will talk about the Best Linux and Windows IRC clients. We tried our best to review the Best Linux and Windows IRC clients. I hope you are not disappointed after reading this, and please do share this article Best Linux and Windows IRC clients with your social network.

The Best Linux and Windows IRC clients


The launch of the Internet was a revolution in itself, but to evolve over the years, we needed the support of various programs and protocols. One of the notable aspects that helped the internet to grow enormously was the communication between systems. While email clients help manage incoming email and messaging protocols help exchange messages between messaging components, a chat room lets you create a virtual space to chat using the system of instant messages (instant messages), social networks, etc.

An IRC (Internet Relay Chat) client is a program that a user can install on their computer and send and receive messages to and from an IRC server. It simply connects you to a global network of IRC servers and allows for individual and group communication. IRC (Internet Relay Chat) is one of those revolutionary communication technologies that has occupied a very good place in today’s technological sphere.

It is a nexus of chat rooms and each of them are known as channels. These channels are hosted on servers, which individually manage their own set of channel networks. This process allows you to communicate between different network systems connected on the same channels and servers.

Check the list of the best IRC clients for Linux and Windows


WeChat is a free and open source IRC client that works on both Windows and Linux and macOS. It is highly versatile and has detailed documentation for each feature and functionality. WeeChat is a cross-platform IRC client with a vivid user interface written completely in C language.

For more flexibility, the app also comes with plugins written in Python, Ruby, and Perl. The platform supports up to 256 colors with attractive elements like smart filtering, customizable bars, including built-in script support in 8 different languages. The app offers full advantage of keyboard navigation. WeeChat is a fast, light and extensible chat client that deserves to be on the top list due to its powerful features.

It’s a totally featured IRC plugin that features DCC, IPv6, multiple servers, nicklist, SASL checking, proxy support and more. With a wide range of colors (256), intelligent filtering options, configurable bars ​​and much more, it includes a range of such features. Furthermore, it supports 8 scripting languages ​​with a built-in script manager.


XChat is an IRC client for Linux and Windows that allows users to connect multiple chat networks simultaneously. XChat is also easy to use with features like file transfer support, highly extensible using plug-ins and scripting functionality.

X-Chat is a friendly IRC client that offers good features which has been among the first competitors of mIRC. It is free and open source software that offers a complete method of connecting through IRC networks on all major platforms, including Windows.

Using this client, you can connect to multiple IRC chat rooms simultaneously, chat in public or in private (one tone). Besides, you can also transfer files easily. SSL support or keyboard shortcuts are some of the features making it a decent IRC client. It comes with plugins written in Python, Perl and TCL, but depending on the download source or the Linux distro it comes with, users can also write plugins in C / C ++ or scripts in various languages.


Pidgin is a free, easy-to-use, cross-platform chat client that allows users to connect to multiple chat networks at the same time. Pidgin is more than just an IRC client, you can consider it a complete Internet messaging program.

Pidgin looks more modern than other IRC clients and offers all the functionality you want. You can transfer files, receive notifications and use emoticons. Connect to as many chat channels as you like, including chat services like MSN Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.

It supports several chat networks including AIM, Google Talk, Bonjour, IRC, XMPP, MSN and many others you can find on Pidgin’s homepage.

Pidgin is another great IRC client that is built in libpurple that allows you to connect to multiple message channels at the same time. This client works with support for various chat networks that include names like Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Zephyr, MSN Messenger, AIM, Jabber, Lotus Sametime, etc. adapts to many features such chat services as typing notifications, away messages, emoticons, file transfer and more.

Hex Chat

HexChat is an open source IRC client with an easy to use interface including many features. The client allows you to create unlimited channels and organize them into tabs and tree structure.

HexChat was initially known as XChat-WDK and is therefore built on the XChat framework. But unlike XChat, this client is completely free and has a cross-platform presence.

some of its main features includes, an interface that is user-friendly and customizable, availability in scripting languages ​​like Lua, Python and Perl, translation available for multiple languages, actively developed and open source, ability to automatically connect to multiple networks, join and connection options, and options for spell checking, DCC, proxies, etc.

To keep the interface more organized, you can even hide certain features such as user lists, menu and topic bars, etc. In addition, you can also integrate some quick accesses buttons allowing you to perform operator actions by uploading files and changing channel flags.

HexChat comes with a multitude of plugins and scripts with a wide set of libraries to enhance the overall functionality of the platform.


mIRC is one of the oldest and most popular IRC clients for Windows. It has been strong since 1995, maintaining up-updated with great features. It is also user-friendly and easily connects to a server by simply entering your information. mIRC is known for its core functionality such as sharing, chatting, playing games or working with IRC networks around the world in one-to-one or with multiple users in a group conference.

It features a clean and efficient user interface that is super easy to set up. Some of your other important ones features include real-time file transfers, connections to multiple servers, proxy support, buddy lists, UTF-8 display, system tray alerts, SSL encoding, voice messages, message logging and much more.

You can use mIRC to chat and share files on any IRC network in the world. You can send messages to someone in private or organize group conferences.


IceChat is one of the most stable IRC clients ​​which fully supports Windows 10 64-bit. It’s customizable, easy to use, even for those unfamiliar with IRC clients. All you have to do is register a nickname, choose your IRC server and you’re connected. IceChat also supports multiple servers, so you and your friends can enjoy multiple channels. This too features a built-in emoticon option, taking you one step beyond the generic text-only window.

Thanks to its dedicated team of developers, you will always have constant access to interesting and interesting plugins. IceChat is indeed a great IRC client with features that nice people should use. This light and proficient client gets you up and running in no time. All you have to do is create a nickname, select an IRC server, log in and you’re done!

The beats part allows you to connect to multiple servers and channels at the same time, helping you to easily communicate with your friends and family on your favorite channels.

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