Best Music Games

Best Music Games

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The Best Music Games

Music games can provide the most fun to play as music is something that everyone can enjoy. Add game mechanics like puzzles, shooting, dancing or using electric instruments to play with a group of friends and you have a genre that will easily become a household favourite. Some hardcore gamers prefer to play more games that allow them to focus on the games, and games like rhythm games are still popular in mobile game scene. The good thing is that most of these games have a mobile version of the game where some players will feel nostalgic and keep playing.

Some gamers who used to play music rhythm games in arcades and even some handheld consoles are looking for a portable experience of playing these games. Music/rhythm games have taken a surprisingly dynamic path in gaming history. Some genres are gaining popularity and gradually disappearing as technology and popular tastes change. You may not even realize it happened until one day you look around and wonder where, say, all those 3D platform games have gone. Music games, on the other hand, stayed under the radar for nearly a decade before taking off like a shot and achieving meteoric success before drying up. up almost suddenly.

Here is the list of the best music games


BeatX is one of the most consistent rhythm games on Android. This too features a DDR-style gameplay method with buttons and holds. You’ll also have access to a single player mode, duos mode and split-screen multiplayer. In addition to being a solid title, the game also features tons of content. You can also upload your own files, as long as they are in the appropriate formats (.sm, .smzip, .dwi). It’s a pretty comprehensive game. It’s a good one for those who like competitive rhythm games.

With over 100 songs to choose from, from popular DDR music up to any custom song. It also has different game modes from one player to versus and dual co-op. Cool feature is that you can use a game controller or even a dance mat via Bluetooth. So you can recreate the nostalgic feeling of dancing in the arcades.


Dynamix is ​​one of the new generations of rhythm games that have done very well. This one features a top-down style of play along with swiping actions that increase complexity and difficulty. This features 20 songs and you can buy more as in-app purchases. Like many, this one uses an anime theme with bright, neon colors all over the place.

Dynamix offers a triple drop track design. This design has a unique rhythmic playing style in which players feel like they are actually composing a track. With over 100 tracks created by composers from Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and South Korea, features different cultural styles of music from different genres such as chiptune, j-pop, TransCore and new age.


Some even call this a clone. This is an excellent game for the most hardcore rhythm game enthusiasts out there. This community rhythm game is inspired by the popular Cytus. Like other community rhythm games, you can find and play songs uploaded by other players to enjoy. Not to mention, you can upload your own for other users to play with. If you play Cytus, you might be familiar with the game mechanics as it works in a similar way.

Cytoid is one of the newest rhythm games on the list. It’s a community rhythm game. In fact, the game download has very few songs on its own. You can find, download and add music from other members of the Cytoid community. You can also develop your own step files for others to play with. He looks a lot like the popular Cytus in terms of appearance and mechanics.


Laota features a colorful world and an artistic feel with the art direction. Its gameplay still has that familiar mechanics from other beat music games. But it has additional animation like visual cues to help you land the right notes. It also offers different difficulty levels which are suitable for beginners, casual gamers up for hardcore veterans. It also has the main story mode where as you progress you discover plots in the characters.

It puts a much heavier emphasis on the story line. You’ll play as the eponymous title character as you travel across a map and discover new secrets. The real mechanics of the game take place on a moving Ferris wheel. This makes the game challenging and complex. It doesn’t look like other rhythm games, although it is one. This features ten levels, three difficulties, 16 clues and an illustrated book that shows the story.


OverRapid is an action-paced hybrid game developed by Team ArcStar. It follows the rules of traditional rhythm games and comes in a sleek, futuristic design. The game is also designed based on other arcade games that we loved in our childhood. The app has an occasional bug and is not as deep as some of these others.

OverRapid is one of the hardest rhythm games on the list. All these games have a hard mode. However, it increases the difficulty with a total of six lanes and this is a little higher than what you normally see. The game features a lot of music, more music via in-app purchases and some game modes that make things a little easier. The graphics are colorful and futuristic.

Tap Tap Revenge

This app has been around since final from the 2000s and remains one of the most fun games to this day. This needs no introduction as it and its many spin-offs are quite popular. These spin-offs include Katy Perry Tap Tap Revenge and more. The objective in Tap Tap Revenge is to tap the bottom of the screen in time as bubbles descend from three colored beams of light that crackle and crackle with energy.

Tap Tap Revenge is one of the classic rhythm games available. The game only includes a handful of music tracks and doesn’t offer any way to link to a resident iTunes library that might be on your device, so the music selection gets very old quickly. But Tapulous says more tracks are coming very soon.

rhythm hive

The game relies heavily on rotating banner events featuring music from various (and real) artists. For example, at the time of writing, the app is doing a summer nap event with BTS, Tomorrow x Together, and Enhypen. The mechanics are very good, although a bit typical of a rhythm game. Detection is a little more forgiving than some. It is intended to be played casually with lots of customization options for the player. Some updates end up introducing some bugs, but the game is solid most of the time.

Rhythm Hive is a highly engaging and immersive rhythm-based game that you should definitely be looking for if you are looking for a cutting-edge mobile rhythm game that isn’t afraid to innovate and provide players with an experience out of the ordinary. The game features the iconic gameplay this genre has always been known for, but has been combined with creative new gameplay elements to create a stellar experience that you can’t get enough of.

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