Best Calendar Apps

Best Calendar Apps

The best Calendar apps keeping track of your time and organizing your days effectively will help you achieve, whether you’re in school, starting a new job, online course, or even working from home for the first time. The best calendar applications make it simple to set reminders, schedule meetings, and plan your days, weeks, and months so you can make the most of your time. It has become crucial to have a calendar app to fit in all of life’s obligations in an era of cooperation, Zoom meetings, endless to-do lists, and hectic schedules.

Your digital friend in achieving your personal or professional objectives is, in essence, your online calendar application. It records your schedule, checks to see if it conflicts with other events, and serves as a reminder for you to complete the work or event by the deadline. About 70% of Americans are thought to use online calendar apps to organize their daily activities. To improve their efficiency, millions of people have migrated to online calendar software.

A paper calendar is useful for noting quick meetings, but a multipurpose digital calendar app that syncs with other apps and offers functions that a physical calendar cannot is superior. You can also accept invitations, invite people to meetings, and set reminders for crucial events. An online calendar planner can be used by anyone to manage both personal and work-related tasks. Now check the list of Best Calendar apps which we mentioned below.

Here is the list of Best Calendar Apps

Every feature you’d want from one of the best calendar apps is available on You can quickly share your calendar with others and check your schedule by day, week, month, or year. However, it also features connectors with Zoom and Zapier and can embed calendars in web pages. Additionally, five other people can join meetings that are scheduled for free users.

The UI elements that aren’t commonly utilized are removed from view in the minimalist app in order to reduce visual clutter. Although there is a unified calendar function that enables you to view numerous calendars at once, color-coding allows you to keep your personal and work events apart.

Google Calendar

Easily one of the best Calendar apps, Google Calendar streamlines your daily calendar and enables you to book appointments with others. It is brimming with easy-to-use features. Your Google Calendar is already set up and available for usage; all you need is a Google account. You can add an event, task, reminder, or goal to your Google Calendar. You can better organize your busy calendar thanks to all of this.

The user interface is straightforward but filled with elegant patterns, colors, and transitions. You may create an event, fill in the blanks, set it to repeat, and invite participants. You may also let other people see your calendars so they can look at your schedule and ask to meet at a time that works for both of you. Both in-person and virtual meetings using Google Meet are options for the gathering.

An email notifying attendees of the cancellation of the event is sent out automatically. It is simple to create several calendars, sync them with other calendars, and manage the calendar for your team. A task or event can also be created in any time zone, or you can designate a different start and finish time zone for your event.

Apple Calendar

Additionally, you may utilize Siri on your iPhone to add events to Apple Calendar.  You can operate across platforms thanks to the connectivity between Apple Calendar and Calendly. You can combine availability based on various calendars after linking your iCloud calendar to your Calendly account. Let’s say you use a Google Calendar for business and an Apple Calendar with iCloud for family occasions.

Easily one of the best Calendar apps, Apple Calendar is already installed on any of the 1.8 billion Apple devices that exist in the globe. The free calendar software is a feature of all iOS and Mac devices, thus it can be used on all three of those platforms. Apple Calendar is a perfect fit when it comes to calendar software for Mac and iOS. By putting your data in iCloud, you may sync all Apple devices, including the iMac and Apple Watch. If you’re in a bind and have no other way to view your calendar, you can do so by going to on the web.

Outlook Calendar

The scheduling tool for Outlook users that integrates contacts, emails, and other Outlook event features is called Microsoft Outlook Calendar. You can plan meetings, make appointments, and create events with Outlook Calendar. It functions as a personal task manager with an intuitive user interface. Anyone on your team who is able to access and manage their schedules or subscribe to one another’s calendars to receive real-time updates can receive the calendar.

On iOS and Android smartphones, Outlook Calendar is usable. Because Outlook is a Windows-friendly tool, the Mac version is not as useful, but Microsoft is attempting to improve it. If you enjoy Windows and spend most of your work on the desktop, this calendar tool can help you be more productive.


The worst part of being a professional or a student is scheduling meetings. It’s possible to lose track of why you wanted to meet after exchanging emails for weeks in an effort to locate a time that works for both of you. SavvyCal seeks to address this issue. The software syncs with Google Calendar to keep your meeting availability current. All you need to do to set up a meeting is submit a link with a list of your available times.

The meeting is then scheduled by the recipient at the most convenient time, and it is immediately synced to both of your calendars.  SavvyCal is comparable to many other scheduling tools in these areas. The primary distinction is that the recipient’s calendar is displayed on the scheduling page. As a result, scheduling is completed much more quickly because the recipient doesn’t have to move between SavvyCal and their calendar application. Your basic needs can be satisfied by the Free edition of Outlook, which includes drag-and-drop features for task and meeting creation.

Business Calendar

People who utilize their calendars for work-related activities and task planning should use Business Calendar. It has numerous modes with extensive setup options. The application has a monthly default view mode, and events can be highlighted with various color markers. You can modify the sorting and display options to suit your needs. Thus, this product is one of the best Calendar apps available right now.

A multi-day viewing mode can also be set up to see how things will be for a few days. You can navigate by month by scrolling up and down. If you check a few days, they will be displayed in more detail. Hourly scheduling is available in the day display mode, and a detailed schedule for a single event is provided in the schedule mode. A fantastic tool for organizing and scheduling cases, tasks, and events is the business calendar.


The finest productivity/calendar tool for scheduling chores and reminders on your own calendar is Todoist. With Todoist, you never have to worry about forgetting things because you always know what you need to accomplish each day! Through its numerous integrations, Todoist is able to carry out its purpose.

Their Google and Microsoft integrations are the most popular, but they also work with many other top tools in the market, including the project management programs and Jira. Pricing for Todoist There are two paid plans with additional features in addition to the free plan, which you can use for free. These plans consist of their $5 Business/Team Plan and their $3 Pro Plan per month.


Most likely, but at least in this instance, it isn’t exaggeration. Fantastical offers nearly all the features you could ask for in a calendar software for iOS, macOS, and the Apple Watch. I use this calendar app every day. Although having a mobile app is convenient, Fantastical performs best on a PC. Simply put, this calendar application for macOS or any other operating system has the nicest design. Start with the left side because this is where most apps place a mostly pointless list of calendars. It’s not fantastic. Currently, this is one of the best Calendar apps that you can check right now.

It’s a minor detail, but it illustrates how thoroughly the designers considered each design decision to make the calendar simple to use. Another minor detail is that if the same event appears twice in two separate calendars, it will only appear once and will be distinguished by a pin-stripe pattern. Once you start using Fantastical, you’ll start to notice all kinds of subtle details like this.

Final Words

Consider your actual demands before choosing which is the best calendar apps to download and utilize. Many general software platforms come with a rudimentary calendar already, but they frequently lack the resources for a dedicated diary. Additionally, you can get a lot of the tools you need from free and inexpensive calendar apps, but higher-end software can really serve the needs of specialists, so make sure you have a good idea of which features you may need to avoid the hassle of switching to a different software platform in the future.

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