Best Google Apps for Android

Knowing The Best Google apps for Android is important because the number of mobile users is increasing dramatically. Google has many apps for mobile phones. Android phone owners are happy people compared to Apple’s mobile owners. Google makes a free Android programming Android mobile application. Google itself has a number of applications that help mobile Android users in different phases of their lives. Such as Google maps to find the route, Google voice to voice search for people who cannot type or who have a handicapped problem.

Here are the 10 best Google apps for Android that you should have:

Google Grasshopper app

The Google incubator focuses 20 percent of the time on fun projects such as building an app and offers socially simple answers on YouTube.

Now Google has released a new app, the Google Grasshopper app, with which people can learn to code in Java and Javascript. It surpasses Android mobile phone apps, Android tab app or Google Play app developers.

Google Grasshopper app has advantages over other software. You do not have to buy the Android Grasshopper app in the Google Play Store. It’s free and offers fun by learning JavaScript through puzzles. It can be very cool for the beginner who wants to learn to code.

It’s only been 4 days since it was released in the Play Store and it already has more than 100,000 downloads. The reviews are very positive and it indicates that it is in The Best list app.

Download the Google Grasshopper app here

Google Voice

Best Google apps for Android

It is the most downloaded app from the developer of the Google Play app. Google Voice provides voicemail, forwarding facilities and voicemail messages for local and international customers. With Google Voice, users can personalize a Google Voice number that can be used to send free text messages, edit voicemail messages, make cheap international calls and know voicemail transcripts (this is only useful).

Download the Google Voice app here

Google glasses

This is one for the Best Google apps for Android and is included in most of the 2020 downloaded apps. The Google Goggles app is an image recognition app. This allows a user to capture a photo in it and Google responds to him by recognizing information about the photo. It is a pretty good application for Android phones. It has been upgraded so that it can now recognize 2D images and respond with accurate information. For example, record a place or building, it provides information about landmarks, artworks, and translates to another language menu.

Download the Google Goggles app here

Google wallet

Google Android mobile app store has brought smart shopping facility to the future. With the Google Wallet, users can store loyalty cards, credit cards, debit cards and gift cards on smartphones that can be used for online purchases. All this map information is securely stored on Google cloud servers. Now you can make every purchase with a single one on your phone.

Google maps

This is one of the leading mobile apps for Android. It needs no introduction at all. Google maps is the most used GPS service in mobile maps. Google helps users to go to their desired location via dogs on foot, public transportation or a car with reliable suggestions for pace and direction.

In addition to the initial map function, Google has also added indoor Google maps (such as airports, museums, etc.), Street views, and 3D maps. Google has also included search options to find nearby local businesses or businesses.

Download the Google maps app here

Google Play Books

Do you know Kindle? Well, Google Playbooks look like Kindle. With Google, users can read from the huge collection of e-books. You can start reading on the go by selecting the genre you are looking for. It has paid for e-books, as well as free publications such as Pride and Prejudice.

Google Play Books has fascinating features like it has a built-in dictionary to know the dictionary and synchronizes your bookmarks so you can continue reading from where you left off in the previous session.

Finally, it is one of the daydream apps developed in the Google Play app developer that most Android smartphone users use.

Download the Google Play Books app here

Google now

Google news has been added to the Google Apps team. It brings users the latest news and updates from the genre users who are most interested in. The news is sorted via the “maps” where users mark their interested tags.

Sports enthusiasts receive immediate updates about cricket news and the scores of their teams, music lovers receive the latest news about upcoming songs or concerts. Google Now can also follow your route and suggest which train to follow.

Download the Google Now app here

Google Shopper

This is one for the Best lists of apps. Google shopper is a price-comparing app with very striking special functions. Google shoppers can only recognize a product based on bar code, speech, album art, and text search. It helps users to compare rates between physical locations and online suppliers, know reviews and more.

Google+ local

Google+ is The Best Google apps for Android. It helps users find local shops, places to eat and places to go out using the Zagat system. Although some say its use is due to a lack of proper planning by modern people. On the other hand, it reinforces spontaneity. Know for yourself which court you belong to.

The psychedelic feature of Google+ local that surpasses other whats-near-me apps is the ability to see the local restaurants, theaters and etc. suggested by your friends in Google+ circles.

Download Google+ locally here

Google Search App

The Google search app gives the user the same user-friendly experience as on the desktop. It also gives users personalized Google searches based on user location, voice search options, and the ability to search on the tablet/phone or web content.

If you think that other best Google apps have been missed, you can tell us about this in the comments section below. You can also view The real-money apps from of 2021 and the latest WhatsApp hacks and tricks.

Download the Google search app here

People also ask

What are the Google apps for Android?

Google Drive.
Google Docs, Sheets and Slides.
Google Forms.
Google Sites.
Google Calendar.
Google Hangouts.
Google Currents.

How do I download Google Apps?

– Open the Google Play Store app. Note: you can also go to
– Search or browse for content.
– Select an item.
– Tap Install (for free items) or the item’s price.
– Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction and get the content.