Best Over Ear Headphones Under $100

November 18, 2020

Music is comforting for everyone, regardless of their budget. It brings joy and comfort and does not discriminate. In this post, we discuss the Best Over Ear Headphones Under $100. In the past, the trend was that the price was produced. But manufacturers have recently broken the paradigm with affordable products that can compete with the high-end models. This is a great way to disrupt the market and offer customers excellent value for money. We have selected products for our list from the same pool. It is varied and versatile and spread over both music and style flavors.

Best Over Ear Headphones Under $100 List

So this is our list of the Best Over Ear Headphones Under $100. We have covered as much terrain as possible again. Wireless or wired, with superior isolation or a wide-open soundstage, with droning low frequencies or accurate, balanced, clear sound – it’s up to you. These are all top headphones, so you should try them. Without further delays and any doubt, our number one nominee is the Sennheiser HD 4.40. These headphones have it all – incredible sound with customizable noise cancellation, battery life of 25 hours, and intuitive controls that respond to your behavior.

Sennheiser HD 4.40


The Sennheiser HD 4.40BT over-ear headphones are a rare Bluetooth success for the brand at this price. This Sennheiser HD 4.40 over-ear Bluetooth wireless headset (HD 4.40 BT) is reminiscent of the sound of their more expensive Momentum 2.0 headphones with the convenience of wireless connectivity. The 4.40 choose a low profile and pump quality for everything else: sound, comfort, and connectivity. Given all factors, these have all the features of the best over ear headphones under $100.

The Sennheiser HD 4.40BT earphones go for the elegant and subtle looks that are usually worn by the Bose headphones. They have a large oval ear cups. These are attached to deep and soft ear cups. Big ears can be completed in the earcups without being too close to the drivers. The ear cups can tip forward and embrace the ears for a snug fit. The headband is moderately thick with an optimal filling. It weighs only 7.9 grams, so the low clamping pressure is enough to keep them stable on the head. At first, you might see that the headband creates specific pressure points. But with the right adjustment, you get the right connection, and it fits effortlessly from that moment on.

The Sennheiser HD 4.40BT over-ear headphones reproduce the classic Sennheiser audio we love and do it via Bluetooth. This is a nicely balanced sound with an extra kick in the bass. Unlike other, cheaper headphones, the 4.40BT pulls it out with a lot of panache. The mid-bass boost sounds very natural and does not muddy mid-tones. But it gives the lower frequencies a little bit of food, making them sound fun for every genre. The bass is also relatively fast, so it can mix with different instruments. The vocals play with a sharp definition. They are supported by bass guitar instead of competing with it. The rhythm of the strings is audible through the track.


  • Bluetooth- and NFC-enabled
  • Balanced with powerful bass
  • Separate track navigation buttons
  • Detailed and clean sound
  • 25-hour battery


  • No controls on the audio cable
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Cowin E7 Pro earphones are one of those high-quality cans of a new brand. COWIN E7 Pro-Active noise-canceling headphones with microphone This set includes all functions, including ANC, that make your life comfortable for everyday use. These are user-friendly and loaded with good battery life and carefully selected design features. The audio is clear and, in detail, suitable for the informal listener. These earn their first place on the best over ear headphones under the 100 dollars list.

The Cowin E7 Pro over-ear headphones are the updated version of their E7 model. The cosmetic changes are a few that mark. The earcups are round, and one side has a silver backplate. The left backplate is in black with a Cowin logo. The headband is moderately wide and has a thin layer. It distributes the weight evenly over both ears and the head. The earcups are now mounted with ear cushions softer than the E7. These are both more durable and more comfortable than the older version. They are covered with protein leather that gives the pads a skin-like feeling. The earcups of these budget earphones rotate to fold flat. These can easily be hung around the neck.

The Cowin E7 pro earphones manage to achieve the right balance with the ANC. While the noise reduction is not as creepy as the Bose QuietComfort line, the ANC of the E7 Pro lowers the noise of the low frequencies and some chatterings in the center frequency, while you can hear the conversation up close. This is useful when traveling when you want to turn off the random sounds, but want to listen to the flight attendant talking. The Bluetooth connection is stable. These headphones have a high resolution for a warm and balanced sound. While the bass reaches deep into the lower frequencies, they are not unnaturally amplified.


  • Bluetooth and NFC-enabled
  • Effective ANC (on/off)
  • Balanced sound with deep bass
  • Comfortable earpads
  • 30-hour battery life


  • Not much durable

Mpow H5

Best Over Ear Headphones Under $100

The Mpow H5 over-ear headphones have steadily gained popularity in the market since their debut. These are Mpow H5 active noise-canceling headphones, equipped with all essential functions such as ANC, Bluetooth connectivity, and comfortable equipment. This range of available colors is also attractive. This is also a very affordable pair, given all the features that the package. It checks the box to be on our list. The Mpow H5 headset with a budget goes for elegance compared to cheap glamor. The ear cups are an oval track that is large enough to cover medium and large ears. There are no pressure points on the ears.

They are fitted with soft ear cushions with an artificial leather sheath at the top.  The ear cups have a little give so that they can swing forward and embrace your ears. The headband is moderately wide with light filling. The equipment is immediately right. The arms of the headband turn and fold inwards. This reduces the overall footprint for portability. They are accompanied by a bag with a cord, in contrast to a semi-hard cover that is used to send them earlier. The controls are located on the right ear shell. These contain an ANC button to switch the function on and off. The other built-in controls include track navigation and volume control buttons.

The Mpow H5 headphones offer energetic and bass-forward audio. They have a deep rumbling in the bass frequencies with a decent definition. The bass is not grunting but has power and punch, which makes it sound full at low volumes. The Bluetooth connection remains steady without static. And ANC clears the background noise to hear more details in the sound. The mid-tones are clear and without any turbidity. It gets a nice boost from the bass and the ANC.


  • Affordable
  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Effective ANC
  • Balanced audio with good bass
  • 18-hour battery life


  • Initial pairing is not intuitive

Sennheiser HD280 PRO

Many of our budget customers are often looking for studio headphones. They tend to be handed over a lot, and Sennheiser HD280PRO headphones (new model) take a lot of scratch in the studio. So you need a few sturdy cans with a neutral sound signature for monitoring. Insert the Sennheiser HD280 Pro earphones. These are built like a tank with an accurate sound signature. If you are an audiophile or studio person, these are the best over ear headphones under $100 for you. The Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones are your real Plane Jane cans. Entirely in black, the headband stretches recklessly.

Nevertheless, this ensures that the headband filling touches the head along the top of the arch. This gives you both the right support and soft contact. The ear cups are large oval and cover the ears completely. They fit precisely since this is a studio headset, and you need complete noise-cancellation. The ear cups have plush padding covered in leather. The ear cups can swing a few degrees forward and embrace your head. The arms are folded to reduce the footprint of these headphones. The HD280 Pro over-ear headphones have a permanently fixed cable. This is a coiled cable that ends in a 3.5 mm connection. They come with a studio adapter for 6.3 mm ports.

The Sennheiser HD280 Pro headphones are tuned for professional monitoring. They go for a very accurate sound signature that goes into detailing than an energetic sound. The bass is spicy and very accurate. The sub-bass content is low and pumps the definition into the lower frequencies. However, they can sound bass-light for a casual listener who is everywhere in the bass guitar. But in the studio, this is an excellent feature because you can listen to irregularities in the recording. The midrange seems without any interference from an amplified bass. It brings out all the intricacies of the audio, so discrepancies in the monitoring of the studio are detected.


  • Highly durable
  • Clean, balanced sound
  • Wide soundstage
  • Comfortable
  • Long coiled cable


  • Chunky design
  • Non-detachable cable
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Mpow 059

Best Over Ear Headphones Under $100

Mpow has disrupted the market for headphones with completely new affordable designs. And their 059 over-ear Mpow 059 Bluetooth headphones via earphones make a successful splash in the market with the same mindset. These are wireless headphones with excellent sound insulation. These are very portable with their space-saving design and Bluetooth connectivity. They act as a headset and control all boxes as one of the best over ear headphones under $100. The Mpow 059 Bluetooth headset looks much smarter than its price suggests. These have a curved headband on which both earcups are attached.

Best Over-Ear Headphones Under $200

The headband is shiny black with red bottoms. This is expandable on both sides. There are hinges just above the ear cups on which the arms fold. This packs them up to half their original size. The ear cups are large and oval. The driver is covered by mesh, and the ear cups are attached with earplugs with moderately deep memory foam. These have a layer of protein leather that they cover for comfort. The unique ensures that they do not stick out too much. There are built-in controls for playback and call management. These are available in 7 color combinations with black.

The Mpow 059 over-ear headphones are quite affordable to be criticized from an audiophile point of view. But they even offer a powerful blues signature, even via Bluetooth. The wireless connection was kept secure without static electricity or dropouts. The earpieces also offer above-average sound insulation that dampens the ambient noise and contributes to the overall quality of the sound. 059 provides an excellent bass that has both a reasonable definition and an extension. It does not deform at high volumes or sounds weird. At moderate volumes, they sound full instead of tinny like other budget headphones. The vocals and strings are clear and well supported by the bass.


  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Good noise isolation
  • Balanced, full sound
  • Smart foldable design
  • 20-hour battery life


  • Not durable
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Audio Technica ATH-M40x

Audio-Technica has a brilliantly balanced headset in the affordable range. Their M40x over-ear headphones Audio Technica ATH-M40x over-ear headphones are considered to be more accurate than their popular M50x. These studio checks for the studio are fierce competition for the Sony MDR7506 at a lower price. The sturdy construction and detachable cables ensure their long life and ease of use. The M40x is an excellent candidate for the best over ear headphones under $100.

The ATH M40x unabashedly adopts a completely plastic design. But they have used plastic with high impact tolerance that can easily be pushed into a studio. The design is elegant and slightly slimmer than the M50x. The headband is moderately wide with optimal filling from ear to ear. Fold the arms of the headband to package them in a more compact package. The ear cups swing forward to cuddle your head. The backplates of the ear cups have the stylish Audio Technica logo in coarse silver. The ear cups are racetrack oval and close with an only moderate clamp for proper assembly. The earcups rotate 90 degrees to stay flat, making it easier to hang the M40x around your neck.

The Audio Technica M40x over-ear headphones exceed their price expectations with their audio performance. In essence, these are noticeably more neutral than the M50x that has a calculated mid-bass bump. The bass has an excellent expansion to the sub-bass region and an exceptional definition for the price. It makes it a joy to listen to these headphones, even with the neutral signature. The mid-tone is clear and transparent due to the tight bass. There is absolutely no basement to color the mid-tones. So the vocals sound as natural and detailed as the price can bring. The treble is softened to soften the hardness. But it still has a lot of detailing and good expansion.


  • Neutral natural sound
  • Excellent definition and detail
  • Foldable, durable design
  • Detachable cables
  • Earcups fold flat


  • Soundstage is average
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Skullcandy Hesh 2

Best Over Ear Headphones Under $100

The Skullcandy Hesh2 over-ear headphones are a favorite of casual listeners who love their bass. Being Skullcandy Hesh 2 Bluetooth wireless over-ear headphones from Skullcandy, they have a great design that seduces people with fresh looks. The Bluetooth connectivity helps to snip the wires. All in all, the right choice for the best over ear headphones under $100. The Skullcandy Hesh2 headphone retains the elegant yet grungy design that we are used to from the brand.

The headphones are in black or black + silver with the Skullcandy logo that protrudes against the stark background. The ear cups are large and round-shaped. They are not as spacious as those of the typical Sony headphones, so they are better suited for medium-sized ears. The ear cushions are covered with soft synthetic leather. The headband has a steel frame that contributes to its durability. The headset is finished in a silicone layer that prevents wear. They use Bluetooth to connect to the source wirelessly. The volume controls are available onboard. These can also be used for track navigation. They last 15 hours on one battery charge.

The over-ear headphones from Hesh 2 go for a bass-forward warm sound. These have a pleasant sound signature with an energetic audio presentation. The bass sounds powerful and fleshy, with a nice boost in the midbass. This gives the EDM and Techno songs a solid hit. The mid-tones are clear and articulated. It plays well with the bass to sound full and rich. The high tones are smooth and never too loud. These look darker than the audiophile headphones, such as the Superlux HD668B. The sound insulation is sufficient.


  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • Full and rich audio
  • 15-hour battery life
  • Skullcandy looks


  • Earpads could be slightly larger
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Avantree Audition Pro AptX LL

The Avantree Audition Pro AptX LL headphones are an all-rounder and feature many of our top headphones. Avantree Audition Pro AptX LL 40 hours Bluetooth 4.1 Over-the-ear foldable headset list. This wireless headset gives a new dimension to comfort and portability within an affordable budget. They make their design and audio investments smart in Audition Pro. The result is a pair that is best suited for daily use and daily wear, hence their place in the best over ear headphones under $100 list.

The Avantree Audition Pro AptX LL headphones have a smart, charcoal-black design. The headband is medium wide and is padded from ear to ear. The design is the highlight with uniform stitches in black. The ear shells are wiry metal pieces. The ear cups are oval on the circuit, and the backplate protrudes a bit. These are not as low as the flat Mpow 059. But they also do not look dull. The ear cups are mounted with super soft cushions that cuddle comfortably. The whole body weighs only 7 grams, so once worn, they almost feel as if they are not present on your head. The playback controls and microphone are integrated into the design on the right ear cups. But they do not work in wired mode.

The Avantree Audition Pro AptX LL headset is AptX-enabled, as the name suggests. With a different AptX source device, they offer better audio quality than stand-alone Bluetooth devices. They go for a balanced sound signature with full and rich bass. Even at low volumes, they sound considerably so that you can enjoy the bass. The sound is clear and clean. A string of bass drives the vocals, but the low frequencies do not cloud them. The high tones have a good definition and give more energy to the sound. The Low Latency function also works exceptionally well. There is no noticeable delay in audio and video synchronization.


  • Bluetooth-enabled
  • 40-hour battery life
  • Foldable
  • Well balanced audio
  • AptX and Low Latency


  • Bass needs more definition
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Koss UR40 Collapsible

The Koss UR40 headphones have been around for a while, but they have gone unnoticed. When we searched for the Koss UR40 foldable headphones with over the ear, the best over ear headphones under $100, they fit perfectly with the bill. They are one of the most comfortable designs on the list and are the best over-ear open-back headphones that we have tested for this award. The brilliant headphones are also pretty durable, as we discovered through user feedback. The Koss UR40 over-ear headphones have a black design with cleverly muted chromed ear cups. The headband is of the suspension type.

So there is a sleek self-regulating headband with air mesh that keeps the top of your head well ventilated. It also makes very gentle contact with the arch of the head. The ear cups themselves are connected by a slotted plastic band through which your head can breathe. These have a large oval ear cups with a grid for the backplate. Because they are open, they leak sound and also produce ambient sounds. So these can best be used for private listening. The earpad cushions have a leather shell for a gentle sensation. The Koss UR40 over-ear headphones provide a neutral sound signature. The bass is precise, with a decent dip at the bottom.

The roll-off is clean and gradual. The lower part sounds tight and spicy without being too overwhelming. This allows the mid-tones to bloom. The mids benefit from the open design and receive a lot of attention. These are not mid-centric headphones, but the mid-tones have a very natural flair. The highlights have been correctly defined and expanded. When all these elements come together, they sound exceptionally natural and clear. They can easily bridge the gap during the transformation from an informal listener to an audiophile. Although the Koss PortaPro sounds slightly more musical and detailed than the UR40s, they are not as comfortable as the UR40s.


  • Balanced neutral sound
  • Sweet and musical
  • Open-back
  • Very lightweight at 6 ounces
  • Affordable


  • The audio response can be a tad inconsistent
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Edifier W830BT

The Edifier W830BT Bluetooth headset is a new and upcoming pair that has already attracted a lot of positive ED8 W830BT Bluetooth headphone’s attention. Their specifications look too good to be accurate, but they deliver every promise. They are a complete package with comfort, battery life, and audio packaged in one of the best over ear headphones under $100. The Edifier W830BT goes for a simple but effective design. They have a matte black structure with mute metal highlights on the yoke of the ear cups.

The headband is slim and padded along the arch. The ear cups are a large oval race track. They sit around their ears and stifle them in a pair of deep ear cushions. The soft cushions are covered with synthetic leather for a sensitive touch with the skin. The design is relatively lightweight, and the weight is evenly distributed for comfort. These affordable over-ear headphones can be connected wirelessly via Bluetooth v4.1 or NFC.

The Edifier W830BT over-ear headphones have a balanced signature with lots of punch. The bass is tight and natural. It has a nice boost in the midbass area. The middle range is clean without any interference from the bass. The high tones are fluent and have a good definition. The audio is excellent, independent of the genre. They played just as well with rock and jazz as with dance music.


  • 95-hour battery life
  • Bluetooth- and NFC-enabled
  • Foldable
  • Balanced audio
  • Lightweight


  • Not so good sound

What To Look In Over Ear Headphones Under $100

Until recently, this was a one-sided debate. Expensive headphones used to be ‘absolutely’ better than the affordable ones. But this trend was disputed by many new players such as Edifier and Mpow and established brands such as Philips in the headphones market. They have several competent headphones on the market that can compete with the more expensive models, as long as you can compromise on premium styling or a few extra accessories. The most important factor that remains the same is the sound quality.

This way, you can ensure that you get the most value for a reasonable budget:

Sound Quality

Audio quality is the main issue of affordable and expensive headphones. The expensive ones tend to have a better bass definition, sub-bass extension, and generally good detailing in general. If you are a calm listener, you may not have the ear to distinguish the ‘details’ that audiophiles keep talking about. You will have a perceived amount of clarity above, which you may not “hear” more details. Within this budget can easily be met. Especially with studio headphones such as Sony MDR7506. We recommend checking multiple headphones in this price range to find one that offers the best brightness versus price balance.

Sound Signature

Everyone has a different idea of how his music should sound. They may prefer bass, neutral, or warm audio. In short, they have a sound signature that they like. It is crucial to know which genres you listen to the most. EDM and Techno need headphones with good bass, maybe with a midbass push. Classical best over ear headphones under $100 and orchestral music are best played on neutral headphones. For studio monitoring, neutral headphones with moderately bright highs would bring more clarity to the sound.

Usually, we prefer to select a neutral headset because their sound signature can be adjusted to EQ as desired. He wipes and cleans and makes it possible to change the audio without losing details.


If you spend a lot of time with the headphones, the comfort of using them becomes a big problem. Earphones are generally comfortable because they are on the ears and do not cause pressure points. Consider the clamping pressure, the earpieces, the depth of the earpieces, and the attachment while evaluating the comfort of the headphones. You get an idea of how comfortable a headset is if you have worn it for 1-2 hours.

Best Surround Sound Headphones


Within a range of 100 dollars, we always look for functionality over form, unless headphones are particularly naughty. The design must be made of impact-resistant plastics or at least be reinforced with metal in essential places. This ensures that they do not break during regular use. No matter how small the costs are, these headphones should honor the prize with a sustainable build.


Best over ear headphones under $100 will usually be purchased for daily use. So it helps if they have functions such as foldability, wireless connectivity, or at least detachable wires. Bluetooth connectivity is a difficult criterion here because Bluetooth compresses the audio quality, and affordable headphones may not have quality-enhancing protocols.


Some of us prefer the appearance of the headphones above the build quality. If the durability and cracking of plastic are reasonable, the appearance becomes a decisive factor when buying best over ear headphones under 100 dollars.

Best Over Ear Headphones Under $100 Comparison Table

Best Over-Ear Headphones Under $100
Headphone NameBattery LifeConnectivity
Sennheiser HD 4.4025-hoursWireless
COWIN E7 Pro30-hoursWireless
Mpow H518-hoursWireless
Sennheiser HD280 PRONoWired
Mpow 05920-hoursWireless
Audio Technica ATH-M40xNoWired
Skullcandy Hesh 215-hoursWireless
Avantree Audition Pro AptX LL40-hoursWireless
Koss UR40 CollapsibleNoWired
Edifier W830BT95-hoursWireless