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Are you looking for the Best PC Soundbars, but haven’t found anything that interests you so far? We’ve searched the market and found 10 brilliant options that offer fantastic audio quality. Every soundbar has a mini-review, which you can read to get an idea of their pluses and minuses. Each soundbar also has a rating of 1 to 5 based on their audio and build quality. Not all soundbars have the best functions, so you may have to sacrifice something.

List of the best PC soundbars

Even if you do not purchase from us, at least you would have gained the necessary knowledge to buy elsewhere. We hope you’ll enjoy reading this buyer’s guide as much as we enjoy writing it. Have fun.

Bose Solo 5 Soundbar

The Bose Solo 5 Soundbar is a decent choice because it offers an incredible audio signature thanks to well-tuned drivers. With the soundbar, you can adjust the lows yourself, so if you like bass-focused sound, you now have the chance to improve it. The total power of 30 watts means that the audio can be super loud. Moreover, there is less than 1% total harmonic distortion due to the well-built speakers. The soundbar comes with remote control, with which you can adjust the bass, adjust the volume, and switch between songs.

The drivers use technologies that improve vocals, making movies, and TV programs a lot easier to understand. The speaker is quite easy to set up because all you have to do is connect the preferred power cable and connection method to your computer. Besides, the soundbar design looks excellent thanks to the premium materials used to build the audio device. The slender black color does not stand out when watching movies, and the thin body does not need much space on your desk.

You can also mount the soundbar on a wall, which saves space on your desk. The soundbar does not come with an external subwoofer, so that you may miss some bass. However, the bass raising function is more than enough for most customers. The speaker has no built-in Bluetooth, which means that you cannot make a wireless connection. Overall, this is undoubtedly one of the best PC soundbars that you can buy right now.

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Razer Leviathan Soundbar

The Razer Leviathan Soundbar is a decent choice because it comes with an external subwoofer. The 5.25-inch woofer driver gives accurate, powerful bass without distortion thanks to the premium materials. The soundbar uses multiple Dolby technologies for surround sound audio, which you immerse in the action. The soundbar includes an equalizer, so you can quickly switch between film, game, and music mode. The frequency response of 180 – 20 kHz means that you hear a lot of detail in the audio.

The soundbar uses 30 watts of power, resulting in ultra-loud audio that fills a room with ease. The build quality of the soundbar and subwoofer is excellent with multiple legs underneath to prevent scratches on your desk. The sleek black design fits well with all PC settings and does not distract you while watching movies. The soundbar also comes with Bluetooth version 4.0, so you can connect to your smartphone to play music.

Besides, the NFC link automatically connects your Bluetooth devices for trouble-free use. The combination of the soundbar and the subwoofer takes up a lot of space, so make sure you create a place for them in advance. The Bluetooth connection range is pretty short, which means that you must keep the device and the soundbar close together at all times. Still, this is one of the best PC soundbars to buy.

Creative Soundbar

best PC soundbars

The Creative Soundbar is an excellent option because it delivers superb audio thanks to DSP technology. The soundbar uses multiple drivers to display the right balance between high and low tones when watching movies or listening to music. A DSP-controlled amplifier powers the five-driver design for super-precise audio quality. The speaker comes with an external subwoofer that outputs a powerful bass that enhances the overall sound experience.

The 7.1 surround sound technology fully immerses you in the audio and gives you a unique session. The soundbar has several connection methods such as Bluetooth, which provide you wireless freedom. You can also use a USB cable, optical, and an AUX cable. The design of the soundbar looks excellent because of the LED light arrangement. You can choose from over 16.8 million colors for more personal use. The speaker can slide under your monitor due to the size of less than 60 mm.

The external subwoofer takes up a lot of space, which means that you have to make room for it in advance. Moreover, the soundbar does not have an extended warranty. But overall, this is one of the best PC soundbars that you can buy right now.

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The VIZIO SB3621n-F8M Soundbar is an excellent choice because of the multiple technologies used to create a great audio session. The DTS Virtual: X technology immerses you in the audio, making it feel like you’re there. The sensitivity of 100 dB with less than 1% harmonic distortion means that you will not hear a loss of quality in the audio at high volumes. The soundbar comes with an additional subwoofer that raises the bass to create low-frequency songs and dramatic movie moments. The frequency response of 50 – 20 kHz means that you hear a lot of details in the audio. The TruSurround and DTS TruVolume offers a great immersive experience.

The soundbar is super easy to set up because it only takes a few cables and a device to connect to. The speaker has built-in Bluetooth so that you can connect to devices such as smartphones to play music. The soundbar comes with an external subwoofer that raises the low point to add more spice to the audio. The speaker does not come with a built-in battery, so it is not a portable option. Moreover, the soundbar does not come with a built-in EQ, which means that you cannot tune the drivers yourself. Still, this is one of the best PC soundbars that you can buy.

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best PC soundbars

The ELEGIANT PC Soundbar is a great budget option because of its crisp, clear audio that enhances any melody. The two drivers of 3 watts offer loud sound so that every room is filled with audio. Besides, the drivers are built to last, using premium materials that prevent the device from tearing. The soundbar uses a wide frequency range of 90 – 20 kHz to provide extra detail in the audio. The soundbar is super easy to connect because you only need a USB to connect your computer.

You can connect devices such as smartphones and tablets to stream audio via the AUX input. The speaker also has a built-in microphone that offers crystal clear conversations. The soundbar design looks excellent with blue LED lights that give the speaker a unique style. You can choose from three color styles for more optimization. The device has a volume button that allows you to adjust the audio to your preferences quickly.

The small compact size means that you can place the soundbar under your monitor without taking up too much space. The ELEGIANT PC Soundbar is a budget option, which means that it will not be as loud as some other options on this list. The soundbar also has no Bluetooth, so you cannot enjoy wireless freedom. Still, this is one of the best PC soundbars on the market.

Dell Pro Stereo Soundbar AE515M

best PC soundbars

If you are constantly in and out of online meetings, this sound bar can be a huge help. The Dell Pro Stereo AE515M is certified for Microsoft Skype for Business, which means it will integrate seamlessly with Skype for Business. This soundbar offers a nice midrange for balanced music playback and a clear voice for any dialogue.

The frequency response of this soundbar is 90 Hz to 20 kHz, which is decent for this price. You won’t get impressive bass with a low end at 90 Hz, but if you use this bar primarily for conversations, videos and some music, the bass will probably be sufficient for your applications.

This soundbar excels more in the vocal range of the sound, giving you clear sounds for conferences or seminars. It is also equipped with a front control panel so you can easily switch between chats and the LED indicator makes it easy to manage your calls. In addition, the soundbar has an echo cancellation function, as well as a dual-mic array, so there is a minimum of background noise. Overall, this is one of the best PC soundbars.

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Creative Stage Air Soundbar

This Creative Stage Air bar is designed with a slim profile and with its all-black body, it looks quite sleek. This low profile means that it will fit perfectly under your PC monitor and not interfere with the screen. This sound bar also has multiple connectivity options. You can connect freely via AUX and USB for wired connections. You can also connect wirelessly via Bluetooth, and with its 6-hour battery life, you can move this soundbar around for streaming smartphone music when you’re not using it for your PC.

Creative Stage Air has created a solid soundbar that performs well for a wide range of sounds. The bass is better than you would expect from a soundbar of this size, thanks to the passive radiator. This passive radiator is a smart move to include more bass and still rely on a small power source. While the bass of this soundbar is better than most other soundbar speakers, it is still indicative of the low price, so if you expect perfection from this bar, you may be disappointed with this one. The soundbar also tends to distort at higher volumes, which is another common reaction in this price range. Overall, this is one of the best PC soundbars.

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Best Soundbars in 2021

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