The Best Alter­na­tives for Dark sky in Android Users

Best Alter­na­tives for Dark sky in Android Users

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Best Alter­na­tives for Dark sky in Android Users – Guide

Dark Sky doesn’t exist anymore, at least for Android users. Following the addition of Dark Sky by Apple, the popular weather app is being pulled from the Google Play Store and will no longer work for Android smartphones and Wear OS devices on July 1st. This leaves Android users in the dark (pun intended) when it comes to getting reliable weather forecasts and updates on their phones.

Apple recently acquired Dark Sky one of the best weather apps on iPad, Android and iPhone and quickly closed its Android version. Many users in the Android community loved the Dark Sky app for its minimal user interface and accurate hourly forecasts. Although without the app, users are looking for a Dark Sky replacement that has a well-designed interface and provides real-time weather forecasts.

If you’ve been reading tech news for a while, then you must have read about Apple’s recent acquisition of Dark Sky. Recently, Apple acquired Dark Sky, and this saddened many Android users. Prior to purchase, Dark Sky was available for Android and used to be the most useful weather app.

Best Dark Sky Alternatives on Android phones

Today’s weather

Dark Sky was known for its intuitive user interface and hourly weather updates. So if you’re looking for a similar app that excels in both aspects, Today Weather is the perfect Android alternative. It has the best user interface, with all data adjusted on the main screen in a cohesive and readable way. nothing is exaggerated in home screen. Plus, it has many useful metrics in a card-like menu that includes humidity, UV index, air quality index, pressure, and more.

If you’re looking for something lightweight that provides local weather information about the current temperature, cloud level and conditions, you’re sure to love Weather Today. The app is meant to be simple, just like Dark Sky. once defined up, the app sends alerts for strong wind, heavy rain or other severe weather conditions.

But that is not all. The best part of Today Weather is that it allows you to choose weather data from various sources. Of course, Today Weather still relies on the Dark Sky API and will remain there until final 2021, but you have the option to choose data from Accuweather, OpenWeather, Foreca, and many government-run meteorological institutes. That said, Today Weather does show a banner ad, but it’s not intrusive.


AccuWeather is another weather service used by many apps on this list. However, you can use its standalone app, which is very nice and provides a summary of all weather information in the home page. And similar to Dark Sky, it also shows hourly, daily and weekly weather forecasts. In terms of accuracy, it’s very close to Dark Sky and many users prefer AccuWeather over other weather forecasting services. They use data from satellites, RADAR, surface maps and meteorological institutes from several countries.

If you’re looking for an Android app to get live weather forecasts, accurate storm alerts and weather news, then you need to try AccuWeather. The app shows accurate weather forecasts, real-time alerts and severe weather warnings on demand. The app uses RealFeel temperature technology to show a detailed overview of the current temperature.

AccuWeather also offers users a wide selection of additional weather information. For example, it provides updates on severe weather events, allergies, sunrise and sunset times, as well as local weather reports that you can customize. AccuWeather’s own news team also publishes weather videos, which provide a good audio-visual summary of the news, preventing you from checking various data yourself.


Flowx is one of the unique weather apps that can be used on Android. No matter where you live, you can count on Flowx for weather information. The app is known for its intuitive swipe gestures that allow you to travel back and forth in time to get the prediction animation. Technically, Flowx provides over 30 different weather information, including precipitation, wind, temperature, cloud, pressure, humidity and more.

Flowx is a little different from the Dark Sky app, but I mentioned it for those data geeks who want to analyze weather conditions across the world. Unlike Dark Sky, which provides hourly information, Flowx is all about understanding the big picture of climate that is developing around the world. It has a weather map from which you can view the forecast, learn forecast models from its 30+ types of data, and much more.

appy weather

While other Android weather apps struggle to take the top spot on the Google Play Store, Appy Weather sets itself apart from all other apps. It is a unique app that summarizes weather data in simple and user-friendly language. If you love reading the technical aspects of weather information, Appy Weather might disappoint you a bit. Still, it lets you check hourly and daily forecasts as well as weekly contours.

Still, if you prefer more traditional weather reports, Appy Weather lets you check hourly and daily forecasts, as well as 48 hour and weekly forecasts. Not only that, but it also protects your privacy by asking in setup if you want to automatically check local weather by location.

In short, it’s a very clean and organized alternative to Dark Sky. However, it makes use of the Dark Sky API, something that won’t be possible for Android weather apps from 2021 onwards. Fortunately, Appy Weather makers say they are in the process of deciding on a replacement data source.


Carrot is a unique and funny weather app that brings a hilarious twist to weather forecasts. It displays weather forecasts on current, hourly and weekly bases, but with equal amount of humor. That said, the app isn’t for everyone, but for anyone with an appetite for AI-generated jokes. Also, Carrot has a scary UI design, where weather data constantly changes graphics.

Carrot is a solid and beautiful app that provides a fair amount of data on current and future weather. The Android app uses the Dark Sky API for its data; the iOS app, on the other hand, uses a variety of fonts, such as Dark Sky, AccuWeather, AerisWeather, and Foreca.

Sometimes there will be the sound of a blizzard and sometimes you will hear torrential rain. As I said, Carrot is a distinct weather app and has some weird weather jokes to get you through the day. With all that said, you can access all the information like precipitation, wind speed, pressure and more. All in all, Carrot is a funny weather app and you should definitely give it a try.

1 Weather

1Weather is one of the most popular weather apps on the Play Store and it has tons of information related to weather, rain, air quality and more. In the UI, it might not be as polished as Dark Sky, but it’s very data-rich and offers features like real-time RADAR and video updates for free. As for metrics, you get precipitation, humidity, dew point, visibility, and more.

The app also offers daily and hourly forecasts and allows you to add multiple locations in the main panel. 1Weather also comes with smart alerts, which means whenever there is a severe change in weather conditions, you will be notified instantly. Also, 1Weather does not use the Dark Sky API, it collects DTN WeatherOps information. So if you want a weather app that’s filled with multiple environmental metrics,

1Weather is a popular app with a variety of screens that show the current weather, forecast, precipitation, radar, and sunrise and sunset, among others. I personally found the interface a bit crowded, but it offers a lot of information and includes short articles about the weather.

the weather channel

The Weather Channel doesn’t need a lot of introductions as it is one of the oldest weather broadcast channels and an API provider for many applications and companies. As for the app, you get various information like real-time local temperature, precipitation, hourly wind speed.

As for the weekly and daily forecasts, you get a very good summary of how the weather will behave in the coming days. The distinctive part about The Weather Channel is its repository of videos that explain the RADAR trend, wind speed and general weather situation around the world.

The Weather Channel is not only accurate, it’s also free. Importantly, the app automatically updates its forecasts based on your location, providing hourly forecasts over the next two days, as well as the weather for the next 15 days. You can also turn on weather alert notifications while offering exclusive content and videos, such as the six-minute morning weather show “The Lift”.


Yahoo Weather is a solid and beautiful weather app that allows you to side scroll to different locations. You scroll down to see the weather for the week, a map of the weather, wind and pressure, precipitation and times for the Sun and Moon. The homepage features the latest coronavirus stats (you can hide them if you wish) and there’s no premium version, so you’re stuck with ads. Still, this is a worthwhile app.

Yahoo Weather provides hourly, 5-day and 10-day forecast numbers, along with stunning Flickr photographs to match the local weather. The app also provides animated wind, sunrise, sunset and pressure readings. You can also track the weather in a city that you need to visit or will visit in the future.

Yahoo Weather also provides a link to the day’s top news. You can see a real-time table of coronavirus cases on home Yahoo Weather screen. However, a big problem with Yahoo Weather is that it also displays a lot of ads when you scroll down to get the detailed weather forecast. These pop-ups can irritate the user at times.

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