The Best Col­or Splash photo editing apps for Android Devices

Best Col­or Splash photo editing apps for Android Devices

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Best Col­or Splash photo editing apps for Android Devices – Guide

Most people like to splash their photos to make them look attractive. This is the most refreshing way to make your boring photos more interesting. A lot of people trust it, but if you’re ignorant of it. So let me tell you some interesting things about the best Color Splash apps for Android devices. In Splash Effect, you can change your photo in different color options. Normally, in black and white, we can only use both, but in splash effect, you can highlight a certain place or object with color.

This makes your image attractive and can pop-up flat for many audiences. Also called color pop. If you’re wondering what are the best color splash apps for your Android device, don’t worry, I’ll tell you about them in this specific post. In this post, I’ve selected the top ten color splash apps for your Android device.

You can use these apps to make your photos fun. We invite these apps by testing them, even though they disagree on their features, these are the best apps. Most apps provide color change options for your photos, but some don’t, but still a good choice for this list.

Let’s get into the list of the best color splash apps for Android.


Color Splash FX is a photo editing application that lets you play with the colors of any image. You can combine colors and black and white to create beautiful and impressive compositions. The most important feature in Color Splash FX is the ability to create colored or black and white areas simply by swiping your finger across the screen. Thereby feature, you can make an entire image black and white, except for a specific area. For example, you can make a person’s image black and white, except for the eyes.

Regardless of the tool used, you can adjust the brush size. At the top of the screen, you can find different options for customizing the brushes you want to use. Color Splash FX is an excellent photo editing application that stands out for its ease of use and amazing results.

Palette – Smart Color Splash

If you are looking for a manual and automatic color splash application, Paletta is a good choice. When you add a photo to the app, it extracts its colors and displays them in the color palette at the bottom. When the image turns gray, you need to tap the color from the color palette you want to display in the image. You can activate multiple colors this way.

If you want to manually apply or remove color from any part of the image, use the brush and eraser options found on the left side. Zoom in on the left side to increase or decrease the image size using the forward and backward pinch gesture.

Partial Color Master

What makes this app interesting is that it automatically extracts colors according to the selected area. After extracting the colors, you need to tap the color needed to apply it to the image. You can even adjust its intensity.

After running Auto Color Splash, you can manually apply the effect by brushing the required area. You can even delete the color.

Color Splash Effect Photo Editor

Color Splash is an option available in iPiccy Photo Editor that allows you to enhance the color in a grayscale image or in an image in which you use the “Black & White” effect. Color Splash makes a section of the image appear in deep, vibrant colors, while the rest of the photo will be in black and white grayscale. Ideally, this means you’ll highlight the most important parts of an image by highlighting those parts with color. This will bring a very sharp contrast between the colored part and the grayscale part, which in turn will likely bring out the part with more color.

Color Effects – Color Splash and Recolor Photos

With this photo color exchange app, you can get a variety of colors to make your photos unique. You can selectively color some parts of your photos while the other will remain black and white. This app also helps you to use color effects, filters and many photo editing tools like zoom, redo and undo, etc.

Color Touch Effects

With a small size of 4MB, the Color Touch Effects app not only lets you add a color splash effect but also offers other effects. You can even add a caption to your photos directly in this app.

As for the color splash effect, the app does not provide any automatic settings. You need to apply the color by manually pressing the Original option. Use Mono button to erase the added color. Fortunately, you can adjust brush size and opacity in this app.

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