The Best Key­board Short­cuts for VLC Media Play­er

Best Key­board Short­cuts for VLC Media Play­er

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Best Key­board Short­cuts for VLC Media Play­er – Guide

VLC Media Player is not only the best program for playing videos and music, it is also free and open source. One of the best things about VLC Media Player is that it supports so many different types of ready-to-use media files. If you use VLC Media Player, you should know all keyboard shortcuts so that you can quickly control media, open menus, and navigate the program. That’s why we’ve created this free cheat sheet that contains all the Windows shortcuts you need to know for VLC Media Player.

Best keyboard shortcuts for VLC Media Player

file operations

  • CTRL + O: open a single file
  • CTRL + SHIFT + O: open multiple files
  • CTRL + F: Open Folder
  • CTRL + D: open disk
  • CTRL + N: Open network stream
  • CTRL + C: Open capture device
  • CTRL + V: Open copied location to clipboard
  • CTRL + R: convert and save file
  • CTRL + S: Stream your media locally or on the Internet
  • game operations

  • SPACE: play and pause a file
  • N: Next track
  • Q: Previous Track
  • F or F11 or double mouse click: full screen mode on and off
  • CTRL + H: turns the minimal interface on and off
  • T: Show current and remaining time information
  • CTRL + T: go to a specific time of a media being played
  • Q: Go and play from the beginning of a file
  • S: Stop movie
  • Esc: full screen output
  • E: Switch to the next frame
  • L: Loop off, one or all
  • A: Random on and off
  • program operations

  • CTRL + Q or ALT + F4 or ALT + Q: Exit
  • CTRL + E: Opens the adjustment and effects menu
  • CTRL + SHIFT + W: VLM Configuration
  • CTRL + M: open the message screen
  • CTRL + P: Open preferences menu
  • F1: Help
  • SHIFT + F1: About
  • Subtitles

  • G: Decrease subtitle delay
  • H: Increase subtitle delay
  • V: Scroll through the subtitles
  • Display Options

  • A: cycle proportion
  • C: Scroll through the cut display area
  • Z: Scroll zoom mode
  • D: Deinterlace on and off
  • O: Switch to original video size
  • W: Wallpaper mode enabled (with DirectX output)
  • Fast forward and backward

  • SHIFT + RIGHT ARROW: 3 seconds ahead
  • SHIFT + LEFT ARROW: 3 seconds back
  • ALT + RIGHT ARROW: 10 seconds ahead
  • ALT + LEFT ARROW: 10 seconds back
  • CTRL + RIGHT ARROW: 1 minute ahead
  • CTRL + LEFT ARROW: 1 minute back
  • game speed

  • [ : Decrease playing speed
  • ] : Increases game speed
  • =: Normal playback speed
  • Sound and audio operations

  • CTRL + UP ARROW or mouse scroll Up : volume Up
  • CTRL + DOWN ARROW or Mouse scroll down: decrease volume
  • J: Decrease audio delay
  • K: Increase audio delay
  • B: Browse available audio tracks
  • M: mute on and off
  • Shift + A: Switch between audio devices
  • media information

  • CTRL + I: View and edit media information such as title, artist, album
  • CTRL + J: View codec information such as media dimensions, audio and video codecs
  • Playlist Operations

  • CTRL + L: Switch to playlist or back to media
  • CTRL + Y: Save the current playlist to a file
  • CTRL + B: Create, delete and clear favorites menu
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