Best Turntables For Beginners

When it comes to starting and building your DJ gear toolbox, you do not have the essential piece of the puzzle without a DJ turntable. The Best Turntables For Beginners is in our opinion a combination of the following: affordability, solid construction that lasts for a while as a long-term investment, the possibility to scratch and also add some new technological developments to give us a combination of that “classic and old-school” DJ turntable.

At the same time, we also keep abreast of specific innovations that have come true in recent decades (think of PC compatibility, etc.). We have found the primary choice to get started, but have also offered a few alternatives in case you had the feeling to compare and contrast. So, let’s take you to the best turntables for beginners that you can buy right now.

List of the best turntables for beginners

Below is our list Best Turntables For Beginners from which you choose an excellent turntable to start with.

Gemini TT-1100USB

turntables for beginners

For the number one, we dive into the Gemini TT-11000USB, a model that we consider to be one of the best turntables for beginners for several reasons – a great mix of affordability, overall turntable capabilities and long life for our DJs to learn. First and foremost, this brand is one of our favorites, and since the 1970s, it has been a household name in the DJ world. We are not necessarily “brand favorite” types of gear junkies; But especially at the beginning of our efforts, brand awareness can help us to make our first purchase.

Best Turntables Under $500

Given that Gemini has been making turntables and DJ equipment for almost 40 years, it is safe to say that they know what they are doing right now. Let’s look at the functions. The TT-1100USB is a fully manual DJ turntable with a belt drive and an aluminum platform with a design for a battle/club. These features help us have confidence in life; it will bring us – make sure you take good care of it and that you will have years of enjoyment. It also features a fully adjustable counterweight and anti-skating controls for a relatively stable stereo balance, as well as a MOTOR off/on button for delayed braking, allowing smoother braking on your vinyl.

Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK-USB

Now we will watch the Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK-USB, which is a rather cool model that is one of the best turntables for beginners who want a manual model. Like the previous two turntables discussed, the AT-LP120BK can also convert your vinyl records into digital audio files. The Audio-Technica also features a hand-operated, die-cast 3-speed aluminum platform with a slip mat and a start/stop button while the player can playback and forth; it has 3 speeds 33/45/78. This model also has selectable ‘high-precision’ quartz-controlled pitch lock and pitch change control with +/- 10% or +/- 20% setting ranges for stable pitch variation.

Best Turntables Under $300

The switchable internal stereo phono preamplifier comes with RCA output cables that allow the turntable to be connected directly to components without turntable-specific input. You can use this correctly for that “traditional” analog setup that we talked about earlier, or with USB compatibility, connect it to your computer to work digitally – one of the reasons why we think this is the best DJ turntable for beginners because of its versatility. The Audio-Technica AT-LP120BK-USB includes a USB cable with Mac and PC-compatible ‘Audacity’ software to digitize your LPs. Overall, this is one of the best turntables for beginners right now.

Fluance RT81

best turntables for beginners

The RT81 offers impressive performance at a budget price. The design takes some of the minimalist principles of a Pro-Ject deck and adds an s-shaped tonearm with an interchangeable headshell for easy cartridge switching. So suppose you want to play mono records with a dedicated mono cartridge, an interchangeable headshell allows you to easily switch from one cartridge to another without having to realign the cartridge each time.

If none of that makes sense, don’t worry, because the included ATN95E cartridge is pre-set and ready to use right out of the box. Other key features include: a built-in phono stage that you can turn off, an auto-stop feature that helps prevent stylus wear (you can turn this off, too), and a solid wood plinth. Overall, this is one of the best turntables for beginners.

Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Last, and probably our current favorite, is the classic Pro-Ject Debut Carbon. The Debut turntables have rightly earned a reputation as one of the best entry-level turntables on the market. It’s not the cheapest, given its stripped-down feature set, but the build quality is excellent, and the sound quality is superb. Newcomers may find the manual speed change a bit unpleasant, but if you’re looking for a detailed and dynamic sound, you’ll be glad you took the plunge from the more convenient automatic turntables on the market. For many, this is still the best entry-level model for newcomers who want to start off on the right foot.

Crosley Sterling Portable Turntable

best turntables for beginners

In the 1960s, your hi-fi system was the centerpiece of your living room; Crosley’s Sterling portable turntable aims to revive that aesthetic. The turntable has an angular shape, reminiscent of mid-1960s furniture, and sits on a four-legged stand, which puts it at the perfect height for spinning records. It may look throwback, but it has modern features like a built-in stereo Bluetooth speaker, an AUX input and a headphone jack. If you don’t want to use the record player’s built-in speaker, you can connect it to another pair.

Crosley’s Sterling is an automatic record player, which means you can “program” the tone arm to lift itself and drop the needle at the beginning of a 12-inch or 7-inch album. To activate this feature, you must flip a switch in the lower left corner of the table. If your album sounds a little fast or slow, you can use the Crosley Sterling’s pitch control to adjust the pitch. This turntable comes with an Audio-Technica 3600 cartridge, which is very good for a model under $200. Overall, this is one of the best turntables for beginners.

1byone High Fidelity Belt Drive

If you have limited space in your music room, the High Fidelity turntable from 1byone is the best choice. It’s an all-in-one music system with a built-in Bluetooth speaker, but is only 7.5 inches high and 17.3 inches wide. If you have a side table or media center, it will probably fit perfectly into your setup. The Bluetooth speaker can be used to stream music from your phone or tablet, so you can use 1byone’s turntable even when you’re not listening to records. It also has an AUX input for wired music sources such as a high-resolution music player.

1byone has paired its High Fidelity turntable with an Audio-Technica cartridge, but does not specify which one. This turntable has a cue arm and easily accessible switches that allow you to correct albums in pitch and switch between 33/3RPM and 45RPM. It has no auto-start or additional digital features, but the 1byone High Fidelity turntable is an excellent record player for beginners who need a compact audio system.

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