How to Access and Use Keyboard on Apple Watch

How to Access and Use Keyboard on Apple Watch

When you need to enter text on the Apple Watch, you can use a full-size keyboard on your iPhone, whether you’re searching the App Store for an app or replying to a message. To facilitate the seamless feature, it sends a notification to the connected iPhone whenever you try to use the keyboard on your watch. And, without a doubt, the feature is fantastic. The Apple Watch is a smartwatch that is worn on the wrist as a small wearable computing device.

The Apple Watch was officially announced on September 9th, 2014, with the new device expected to be available in early 2015. The Apple Watch is intended to pair with another Apple iOS device, such as the iPhone, in order to push Apple Watch-specific content to the device. In fact, in order to access Apple Watch’s full set of features, users must have an iPhone 5 or later connected to the smartwatch.

The original Apple Watch is available in three styles: stainless steel standard, Apple Watch Sport, and 18K gold Apple Watch Edition. Each style is available in two sizes: 38mm (1.49 inch) or 42mm (1.65 inches). The Apple Watch has a Retina display protected by a Sapphire screen, and it operates the interface with both a touch screen and a Digital Crown wheel.

In terms of functionality, the Apple Watch can make phone calls, check caller ID and access visual voicemail, send and receive text messages, access stock and weather updates, provide fitness capabilities via heart rate and other health monitoring sensors, provide map coordinates and directions, and much more. The Apple Watch also supports popular Apple iOS features like the Siri voice assistant and the Apple Pay mobile payments service.

Steps to Access and Use Keyboard on Apple Watch

  • Open Messages on your Apple Watch.
  • Tap New Message.
  • Select a contact and tap Create Message.
  • Type your message, check spelling corrections, and navigate with the Digital Crown.
  • Now tap on the text to hide the keyboard.
  • Tap the keyboard icon to continue typing.
  • When you have finished typing, tap Done.
  • How to use Qwerty Keyboard on Apple Watch

    Once you have enabled the keyboard on your Apple Watch, refer to the method below to find out how to use the text on the watch:

  • Tap Messages on your Apple Watch Series 7 to open it.
  • Now, press the New Message option.
  • Next, tap Contact and then tap the Create Message option.
  • Once you have entered the message, navigate using the Digital Crown on the Apple Watch.
  • After that, click on the text to hide the keyboard.
  • Now, click on the keyboard icon so that you can continue typing.
  • When you are done typing, click “Done”.
  • History of Apple Watch

    Before Apple Watch could be completed, it would necessitate the diverse skills of countless Apple employees and outside experts. Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s senior vice president of Retail and Online Stores, and designer Marc Newson were brought in to assist. Surprisingly, it appears that this product began with a single person’s idea.

    According to him, it took three years to go from idea to product. And, according to CEO Tim Cook, development began after Steve Jobs’ death. However, the concept could have started as early as 2005. That’s when Ive and his design team say they became serious about machining, the technology that led to Apple’s unibody manufacturing. They visited watch manufacturers to learn how to do this. if you want to purchase Apple Watch, than you can Visit on official Website

    Apple Watch features

  • Watch faces that can be customized.
  • Waterproof to a depth of 50 meters.
  • GPS, gyroscope, and accelerometer are all included.
  • Bluetooth connection with iPhones for making calls and texting.
  • The user’s iTunes media library is accessible.
  • Playback of video, including “in-line” video within applications.
  • Final Words

    The Apple Watch can do a lot without requiring the iPhone, but typing on the watch has always been one of the most difficult challenges. While most watch models support Apple Watch keyboard apps, the built-in QWERTY Apple Watch keyboard is a game changer.

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