How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

While Disney Plus “just works” most of the time, streaming TV shows and movies to your devices without issue, things can go wrong, sometimes with obscure error codes. You may encounter the Disney Plus Error Code 39, which is typically associated with a problem with digital rights management. Disney Plus Error Code 39 appears to be quite generic. When you encounter the error, you will notice: Error Code 39 typically indicates that your streaming device is unable to provide the secure connection required by the streaming service. As a result, you are unable to use Disney+ in general.

Disney+ is a popular streaming service with a large library of shows and movies such as High School Musical, Candy, and Light & Magic. To fully enjoy the content, you can use this streaming platform on your Xbox, Playstation, Apple TV, and Smart TV. Disney Plus assistance When using a gaming console, such as an Xbox, to access Disney+, Error Code 39 may appear. Let’s investigate Error Code 39 on Disney Plus and how to resolve it!

Ways to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39

Restarting the device

  • Apple TV: Go to Settings > System and click on Restart.
  • Android TV: Press the Home button on the main dashboard. Next, go to the Settings tab and select Settings. Then, go to About and use the Restart option from the Power menu.
  • Android: Hold the power button until you bring up the Power menu. From the list of options, choose Restart and wait for your device to boot back up.
  • iOS: Press and hold either the volume button or the side button on the other side until you see the power off slider appearing. Next, drag the power slider all the way to the right and wait for your iOS device to turn off. Once the operation is complete, turn it back on normally.
  • Windows: Click on the start button in the top-left corner and click on the power icon from the list of available options. Next, from the list of power options, click on Restart and wait for your computer to boot back up.
  • Reinstalling the Disney+ App

    If a simple restart does not resolve the problem, you should try reinstalling the Disney+ app to clear any potentially corrupted data that may have contributed to the appearance of Error Code 39. Many affected users confirmed that the operation was successful. Regardless of the platform where the issue is occurring, reinstall the Disney+ app completely and clear out the temporary files to see if that resolves the issue. Of course, the instructions for doing so will differ depending on your platform of choice.

  • On the home screen of your Apple TV, highlight the Disney+ app, and then press and hold the touch surface until the app’s icon begins to wiggle.
  • When the app starts to wiggle, press Play/Pause, and then select Delete from the context menu.
  • Once the app is completely uninstalled, open the App Store on your AppleTV, search for the Disney+ app, and download it again.
  • Once the installation is complete, restart your AppleTV and check if the problem is fixed at the next system startup.
  • Power-cycling your console

    If you’re experiencing this issue on an Xbox One or PlayStation 5, it’s very likely due to some temporary files that the Disney+ application creates passively. Under certain conditions, these files may cause streaming issues such as Error Code 39.

    If this scenario applies to you, you should be able to resolve the problem by draining your console’s power capacitors and removing any temporary data that may be causing the problem.

  • Check that your PS5 console is not in hibernation mode and is fully turned on.
  • Hold down the power button (on your console) until the device completely shuts down. Allow it to go only when you hear the fan completely shut off.
  • Once your Playstation 5 has been completely turned off, physically remove the power cord from the outlet and wait at least 30 seconds before plugging it back in to ensure that the power capacitors have been completely drained.
  • Restart your console and wait for the next startup to finish.
  • Relaunch the Disney+ app to see if the problem has been resolved.
  • Removing the in-game capture device

    If you’re using an in-game capture device to record your Xbox One or Playstation 4 gameplay (with devices like Elgato), keep in mind that Disney+ and many other streaming apps have the potential to conflict with it. This is a problem caused by some DRM protections implemented by these streaming apps, and you can expect to encounter similar issues with BluRay Disks and other types of physical media.

    This is a failsafe method of ensuring that their content is not pirated. Disney+, it turns out, incorporates a copyright protection code directly into the HDMI signal that travels from the console to the output device. If there is a breakdown in the console and the TV while checking the copyright protection over HDMI, Error Code 39 will appear. So, if you’re using a game capture device, such as Elgato, unplug it from your console and restart your station. When your console restarts, open the Disney+ app again to see if Error Code 39 has been resolved.

    Reasons Behind Disney Plus Error Code 39

    A copy-protection check is failing on the Disney Plus app. This usually happens after a long period of inactivity.In the temp folder, corrupted data is stored. The Disney Plus app is broken due to a random glitch.

  • These bugs are common on AppleTV and AndroidTV.
  • Remnant temp files must be deleted. If you’re streaming Disney Plus from a gaming console (PS4 or Xbox One), you may need to clear temporary files.
  • You unplugged the in-game recording device. Again, this will only happen on gaming consoles. Disney Plus’s DRM protections will prevent you from using their streaming service while recording.
  • You’re sending Disney Plus content to a projector via a splitter. The HDMI signal that travels from the console to the projector contains copyright protection built in. If the HDMI cable fails, this same HDMI protection can result in Error 39.
  • Final Words

    So here we conclude our article on How to Fix Disney Plus Error Code 39. The Disney Plus error code 39 typically indicates a rights management issue that is preventing Disney’s servers from streaming the requested video. There are some cases where you have no control, and if Disney cannot stream the content at all or to users in your specific region, there isn’t much you can do. When the problem is caused by a problem on your end, which it frequently is, this error code can usually be resolved by switching to a different streaming device, using a different television, switching to a different HDMI port, or attempting a different HDMI cable. If the problem persists and you are unable to resolve it by following the steps outlined above, the new can visit their official website and request additional information.

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